The Parentpreneur Podcast

The Parentpreneur Podcast

015 How to 10x Your List with Messenger Bots – Jordache Johnson

February 25, 2020

Jordache Johnson is an 80's baby with a hippie mother who named him after her favorite brand of jeans.

But he also helps online course creators, coaches, and thought-leaders learn how to harness the power of Chat Marketing to grow their list and fill their courses (or calendars) so that they can scale their profits to make a bigger impact on their audience and their family.

In this episode, Jordache shares...

How to take prospects on adventures then lead them where you know they need to goHow to take advantage of where your prospects are already communicatingWhy it's not too late to add chat marketing to your business in 2020 How to know when you're ready to launch a messenger strategyAnd more...


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