The Parentpreneur Podcast

The Parentpreneur Podcast

013 How to Find Your Story & Connect to Your Audience – Shelli Varela

February 11, 2020

Shelli helps creators and entrepreneurs like you find your story of who you are and why you do what you do so you can change the world, help your audience heal from your story and magnetize the selling process.

She believes that everyone has a story, and that when you get to the root of your story, what you'll discover is your precious truth. Once you uncover it - it becomes your SUPERPOWER.

When you can articulate your unique story and embody it with confidence, people will not only believe you, they will buy from you.

In this episode, Shelli shares...

How to connect with real people in the digital spaceWhy you must share first so people can see themselves in your storyWhy you must move forward before the next step will be revealed to youHow to share real world lessons of how you overcame the problem you now help solve to grow your audienceAnd more...


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