The Parentpreneur Podcast

The Parentpreneur Podcast

012 Sell from Stage to Attract More Customers – Colin Boyd

February 04, 2020

Colin Boyd is obsessed with helping experts and entrepreneurs sell from stage in a non-pushy or sleazy way.

He keynotes at conferences around the world on topics such as persuasive communication and selling ideas.

Colin is a Certified Speaking Professional, and his clients include Coca Cola, Suncorp, Fuji Xero and Hewlett Packard.

He runs high-level mastermind programs for speakers and content creators. And delivers his signature program Sell From Stage Academy which helps people turn every presentation into a money-making machine.

Colin lives in Newport Beach, California with his wife and two little kids.

In this episode, Colin shares:

Why your audience's subconscious mind opens up when you tell your storyHow to share stories that show the audience how you got the results they want with the tools you haveWhy your offer is a gift that could potentially change someone's lifeHow to keep from becoming so obsessed with your business that it hurts other parts of your lifeAnd more...


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