The Parentpreneur Podcast

The Parentpreneur Podcast

006 Our Relationship with Time – Nick Murphy

September 25, 2019

Time is a tricky thing. We know time is always passing and that we only have so much of it, yet society, culture and even our media tell us that we need to wait for JUST the right time for the big changes and turning points in our lives. But this way of thinking leads us to put off the necessary steps until next week, or next month, or next year... and then when look back and realize our dreams never came true.

In this short episode, Nick wants you to rethink your concept of time and why you need to make it work for you rather than allow it to work against you.


- How the old fashioned concept of time enables procrastination and settling for less.

- The vital lesson Nick’s friend Mark taught him about time.

- Debunking the myth that there’s a “right time” for anything.


“There’s just never the right time—so the beauty in that is that there’s also never the wrong time.”

“Stop putting time between you and your success.”

“Today is the right time.”

“Appreciate the time we have and use it to create a life on our own terms.”

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