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Jonathan Davis: 2023 Could be as Bad as 2008

May 06, 2023

Tom welcomes Economist and Wealth Advisor Jonathan Davis back to the show.

Jonathan Davis believes we could be repeating the 2008 banking crisis. Central bankers make incorrect statements about the future and have their own agendas often connected to politics. The Fed is surrounded by incapable academics and often behind the curve.

Real estate mortgages will have to be reset at higher rates, and unemployment is likely to rise. Interest rates and inflation don’t always work together, and there’s little value in bonds for long-term investors. Commodities are in a state of collapse, and manufacturing is in contraction globally. China has a large debt and had to implement harsh lockdowns. Western countries are still closing nuclear plants while Japan and China are opening new reactors.

The next major risk-off event could be soon and gold will rebound when it happens. He advises investing in funds for specific asset classes rather than individual stocks.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:40 – History Repeating?
3:30 – Data Dependent
6:14 – Inflation Ahead?
9:00 – Rates & Charts
14:07 – Long-Term Treasuries?
15:43 – Bias, Fed & Complacency
18:17 – Equities Sell Off & Gold
21:49 – Commodity Crash & China
25:52 – Gold & Heart Conditions
29:13 – U.K Mid Caps & DXY
34:05 – Lagging Miners?
35:52 – Uranium Thoughts
40:45 – Best Markets for Metals
42:46 – Overall Recovery Themes
50:40 – Historic Dow Chart
53:14 – Strategies & Funds
56:25 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • The 2008 banking crisis seems to be repeating.
  • Commodities are in a collapse along with global manufacturing.
  • Focus on investing with funds for specific asset classes rather than picking individual stocks.

Guest Links:

Jonathan Davis BA MBA FCII FPFS, Chartered Financial Planner, is the Wealth Adviser. He is a former Chairman of the London Region of The Institute of Financial Planning (now Chartered Wealth Management Institute).

Jonathan has been delivering wealth advice since 1987. Johnathan established the Jonathan Davis Wealth Management in January 2007, where they provide a niche Wealth Management advising a small number of clients. He established this firm in January 2007.

He has over 1000 appearances in the press, radio, and TV. He is often asked to comment on financial issues.