Package Your Genius Personal Branding Podcast

Package Your Genius Personal Branding Podcast

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PYG 164 - Branding yourself when you RESENT what you USED TO LOVE about your brand
June 02, 2022

Join me for Resonance & Relevance - my brand new storytelling workshop. Learn more and register here.Let me be honest for a second.I have encouraged clients to make themselves visible for YEARS

PYG 163 - What happens when you have to disappear, regroup, and communicate your COMEBACK?
May 18, 2022

Sometimes, you have to disappear for a while...It can feel oddly vulnerable to disappear from public view - whether your version of public view is social media, a public speaking circuit, or the netw

PYG 162 - How to overcome the Imposter Syndrome that's holding your brand back
December 08, 2020

Imposter syndrome is real, but theres a fix: radical self-discovery.Radical self-discovery isnt just a nice to do, its a must-do. And its a must-do on a REGULAR basis if you want to step into the

PYG 161 - Prayer and meditation as a personal brand strategy
December 02, 2020

On today's episode, I take you behind the scenes of the morning routine that changed everything and helped me OUTGROW my goals.This new morning routine changed EVERYTHING - the consistency mixed with

PYG 160 - 5 Ways You're Not Monetizing Your Personal Brand (And How to Fix It In the Next 30 Days)
November 25, 2020

The end of the year is the perfect time to manifest money quickly. Many people are thinking about how they want to make changes in their lives, or may be reflecting on what they didn't accomplish this year that they need to bring back into focus. This is.

PYG 159 - Write it down (REWIND)
November 19, 2020

Another rewind episode finds us here. This one is a bit personal, I've noticed a pattern with myself lately. I've been getting these confirmations about the things I'm doing that correspond to practices and worlds I'm not well-versed in. I heard the same.

PYG 158 - From seeking to SOUGHT AFTER - How to become KNOWN (Rewind)
November 15, 2020

Ive never done a rewind episode, before but I was reminded by how many episodes Ive recorded (157 and counting, yay!) AND how everyone listening hasnt necessarily been here since the beginning. And

PYG 157 - Land a mainstream BOOK DEAL to explode your personal brand
November 03, 2020

You can land a mainstream book deal during a pandemic without a huge following... After working together in our PYGA Agency program this spring and summer, our longtime client and academy alum Amb

PYG 156 - Where Package Your Genius is Going...
October 27, 2020

A little update about where the Package Your Genius podcast is going...I haven't sat down to record an episode of Package Your Genius in eight months and for that, I need to be straight up with you

PYG 155: Who's keeping you from seeing yourself clearly?
February 27, 2020

As a personal branding coach to high achievers, I have a special insight into the inner lives of many of my clients. And one unfortunate thing many of them have in common?They don't see themselves c