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Advice for Assembly Gatherings During the COVID-19 Pandemic
March 11, 2020

Several Christian doctors have compiled advice that would be helpful for assemblies to follow during the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Casual vs. Formal Wear
February 10, 2019

This article is a call to balance and Biblical moderation on the subject of what kind of clothing to wear to assembly meetings.

How To Dial Down the Busyness
January 28, 2019

Most overseers claim that busyness is an ongoing problem. How is it that we get so busy? What can be done about it? What does the Bible say about busyness?

A Primer on Working With Emotions
January 13, 2019

Emotions are a language, albeit one many of us are not fluent in. Learn to work with emotions so that you can help Christians grow in their faith.

The Divorce & Remarriage Issue: Part 2
December 31, 2018

An exploration of the Biblical support given to remarriage following abandonment by one’s spouse as laid out in 1 Corinthians 7.

Soul Winning vs. Soul Healing
December 17, 2018

Leading the lost to Jesus Christ is an essential part of the local church's work. However, are you helping them to heal from the brokenness of sin too?

Most Elders Are Lonely (and Will Die Earlier Than Their Peers)
May 07, 2018

Turns out that loneliness is a very common problem -- and, surprisingly, one with potentially severe consequences.

How To Support the Spouse of a Porn Addict
December 11, 2017

When a pornography addiction is disclosed, it is easy to give all of the attention to the addict and fail to grasp the significant needs of the spouse

How to Model Vulnerability and Authenticity in Your Assembly
December 02, 2017

Are you serving your local church with vulnerability and authenticity? We use these words enough, but how do we actually model these values?

Pornography Recovery Step 6: Healthy Intimacy
November 27, 2017

One key step to recovering from pornography addiction is learning to establish healthy intimacy in your life.