Outspoken Voices - a Podcast for LGBTQ+ Families

Outspoken Voices - a Podcast for LGBTQ+ Families

Latest Episodes

LGBTQ Sandwich Generation
February 04, 2020

64 million Americans care for aging parents and children at the same time and this includes LGBTQ+ 'sandwich generation' families.

COLAGE Community
January 21, 2020

Three queerspawn share the history and future of COLAGE and their own stories of finding community.

2019 Highlights
January 07, 2020

2019 was a powerful year for Outspoken Voices, listen to some highlights from the year and get inspired for what's to come!

Donor Conceived Queerspawn
December 17, 2019

Queerspawn discuss the realities, challenges, and ethics of donor conception, especially anonymous donation.

Queer Families & the Classroom
December 03, 2019

This episode is dedicated to the ups and downs, challenges and inspiration of pushing for LGBTQ+ inclusive policies and practices in schools, especially early education.

Listening to Adoptees
November 19, 2019

Activist, author, and trans-racially adopted queerspawn, Tony Hynes, hosts a powerful and honest discussion about trans-racial adoption, ethics, and adoptee experiences.

Adopted Queerspawn of Color
November 05, 2019

This is National Adoption Month we dive deeper into the experience of adopted queerspawn of color.

Tag-Team Pregnancy
October 15, 2019

Some LGBTQ+ parents take turns carrying a pregnancy as they grow their family.

Supporting Trans Pregnancy
October 01, 2019

Two trans dads share their pregnancy journeys.

Intersecting Identities
September 17, 2019

LGBTQ+ families exist at the intersection of many different identities.