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Out Takes Extra: One on One with Billy Eichner on ‘Bros’
May 19, 2022

For this Out Takes exclusive, we got to speak with openly gay comedian, actor and producer Billy Eichner. He’s well known for his star turns in many popular TV shows... LEARN MORE

St Kilda Film Festival 2022
May 18, 2022

For this program, we took a look at this years St Kilda Film Festival. It’s the longest running short form film festival in Australia and an excellent hub of content... LEARN MORE

Moro Spanish Film Festival and the South African Film Festival
May 01, 2022

It’s well know that we love a good film festival at Out Takes so this week we were excited to take a look at two that are on now and... LEARN MORE

Human Rights Arts & Film Festival and the Fantastic Film Festival of Australia
April 28, 2022

Film festival season is well and truly upon us, so for this program, we turned the spotlight on to two exciting and challenging festivals with some excellent queer offerings: the... LEARN MORE

The Out Takes Guide to MQFF Mini 2022
April 16, 2022

While we’re still fondly reminiscing about the return of the Melbourne Queer Film Festival in November of last year, the fantastic team at MQFF is coming back sooner than expected... LEARN MORE

Magic Realism in Queer Cinema
April 11, 2022

This week on Out Takes, we turned the spotlight on to magic realism in queer cinema: think local productions like The Greenhouse and Ellie and Abby and Ellie’s Dead Aunt.... LEARN MORE

#GrowWithJOY – the Out Takes 2022 Radiothon Special
April 06, 2022

It costs $6552 for each hour of broadcasting on JOY 94.9 so the Out Takes team brought you more bang for your bucks for this show and took over the... LEARN MORE

Out Takes 2022 Oscars special – part 2
April 06, 2022

The Oscars were set to hit the Dolby Theater the Monday after this program aired so we took this opportunity to make more predictions on who would be the big... LEARN MORE

Out Takes 2022 Oscars special – part 1
April 06, 2022

It’s an annual tradition that when the Academy Awards roll around, the Out Takes team take out our crystal ball and make some calculated and wildly subjective predictions on who... LEARN MORE

Celebrating ‘ALINE’ and the CELINAISSANCE on Out Takes
March 07, 2022

‘ALINE’, the unofficial Celine Dion biopic from French comedienne Valerie Lemercier, has just landed in select cinemas around the county. So to mark the occasion, Out Takes explore the ‘Celinaissance’