Richard Rierson | Podcasting

Richard Rierson | Podcasting

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LTD Discussion with Markus Bras
April 10, 2018

Many of us are only recently becoming aware of the current state of our LTD system, so the intent of this podcast conversation is to educate and inform on what happens to a pilot when tragedy strikes. From a broad brushstroke perspective what can we...

The Facts on Attachment-3 : An in-depth conversation with Dean Seward
January 15, 2018

An in-depth conversation with Andy Seward, DFW Contract Compliance & Grievance Chairman, and his analysis on the AIP Attachment-3 and how it compares against our current JCBA.

Explain Our Duty Rigs
January 10, 2018

008 - Carlos Fernandez & his inspiring journey from prison to rising tech entrepreneur & servant leader
December 04, 2015

Carlos Fernandez is the epitome of hope, success, & significance.  17 years ago Carlos found himself in prison doing time; guilty on an Attempted Murder charge.  At the outset he fit the stereotypical image of a troubled teenage...