T.O.F.U. Talks: #OurNewNormal

T.O.F.U. Talks: #OurNewNormal

Latest Episodes

#OurNewNormal | Ryan Patey of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
June 18, 2020

Wrapping-up the series, I talk about plans for another podcast and share my current experience in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) during the COVID-19 pandemic . Find out what life is like now in Vietnam and why I'm lucky that it's a part of my new normal.

#OurNewNormal | The Raven Corps of Portland, Oregon
June 13, 2020

I chat with Claire Howe and Cami Hoffman about The Raven Corps and how the group's work has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. From starting QuaranTEEN to tackling toxic masculinity, they explain how they've adapted to their new normal.

#OurNewNormal | Nice Shoes of Vancouver, BC
June 08, 2020

Glenn Gaetz from Nice Shoes talks about operating in Vancouver, British Columbia during the COVID-19 pandemic. From family life to trying to plan ahead for the shop, Glenn shares the ins and outs of business while dealing with a new normal.

#OurNewNormal | Chilis On Wheels in New York, New York
June 02, 2020

Eloisa T. explains the impact Chilis On Wheels has felt from the COVID-19 pandemic. From the ways restrictions affect different communities to her disconnect from friends, Eloisa helps to show the importance of compassion within our new normal.

#OurNewNormal | V Marks The Shop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
May 30, 2020

Carmella Lanni & Carlo Giardina talk about running V Marks The Shop in Philly during the COVID-19 pandemic. From staying safe to finding a balance for their own well-being, they shed light on how vegan businesses operate in this new normal.

#OurNewNormal | Chelsea Lincoln of Hillsboro, Oregon
May 28, 2020

Chelsea Lincoln in Hillsboro, Oregon talks about her experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. From changing her wedding plans to facing the implications of working from home long-term, Chelsea provides an idea of what's involved in her new normal.

#OurNewNormal | Jenny Marie of Manchester, United Kingdom
May 26, 2020

Jenny Marie chats about life in Manchester during the COVID-19 pandemic. From having a last dinner with her stepfather before social distancing to putting her mother's sewing machine to good use, Jenny shares how she's coping with her new normal.

#OuNewNormal | LP Penner of Winnipeg, Manitoba
May 24, 2020

LP talks about how their life has been during the COVID-19 pandemic. From concerns as a healthcare worker to the mental health implications brought about by a global disaster, LP and I cover plenty of ground involving their new normal.

#OurNewNormal | Michele Truty of Chicago, Illinois
May 23, 2020

Originally streamed live on Facebook, Michele Truty shares what life is like in Chicago, Illinois during the COVID-19 pandemic. From moving apartments to being in a higher risk category, Michele introduces myself and the audience to her new normal.

#OurNewNormal | Charlotte Hubbard of Leeds, United Kingdom
May 22, 2020

Charlotte Hubbard from the U.K. talks about her experience in Leeds during the COVID-19 pandemic. From dealing with the shift from office work to a kitchen office to learning to slow down, Charlotte sheds some light on her new normal.