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EP03: Walker’s World | Poland and Ukraine One Country
May 02, 2022

Poland is helping its neighbour Ukraine in the tragic conflict against Russia. Poland has many reasons, not only geopolitical but also historical, to help Kiev. In the 14th century Poland was Europes

EP 02: Walker’s World | April – the month that shook the world
April 02, 2022

In his second episode of Walkers World, ORLAfm presenter Peter Walker continues on the path of Russias historical aggression, which seems so timely as the tragedy of the invasion of Ukraine prevails.

EP 01: Walker’s World | King Canute and the Polish Invasion
March 01, 2022

Poles are generally regarded in a good light in the UK. Champions in the sky, they managed to defend Churchills Britain in the 1940s. But did they also have another agenda? Did they help a Dane to ove

Lyczacza in concert at Jazz Cafe POSK
February 22, 2022

Maciej Lyszkiewicz (Photo right at POSK) has honed his style of Latin jazz in the Baltic city of Gdynia for more than two decades. An [...]

Welcome to my (Walker’s) World
February 20, 2022

ORLAfm is excited to announce the start of a new series of podcasts for everyone interested in Polish history and famous names. It is remarkable how many Poles left Poland to find fortune, fame and so

Speechwriter Charles Crawford on Brexit
January 28, 2022

With June 23 set for an historic vote on Britain’s destiny in or after the European Union, Charles Crawford shares his fears about how the “Brexit” campaign will unfold, as well as the growing populis

Colin Vearncombe tribute
January 28, 2022

Colin Vearncombe, best remembered as the front man of 1980s hot band Black, gave ORLA.fm a candid interview in November 2010 which was included in [...]

New Yorker Jon Regen offers Polished act
January 28, 2022

Jon Regen, whose grandmother was from Poland, is still waiting to perform in his ancestors’ homeland. In this candid interview the New York singer-songwriter and [...]

Do Poles join UK trade unions?
January 28, 2022

Trade unions in Britiain have been in relative decline since the 1980s. But if only 25% of UK workers are in unions, even fewer Polish workers in the UK are members. Co-author of a new survey Dominika

Dominik Tarczyński, ORLA.fm presenter, now MP
January 28, 2022

Since its launch in May 2006 as the only Anglo-Polish radio station, ORLA.fm has been proud of many of its staff for the work they have done at the station, and the media and other roles that they hav