Gerrit Keferstein - On Order and Kaos of Human Potential

Gerrit Keferstein - On Order and Kaos of Human Potential

The transforming magic of psychedelic mushrooms [PODCAST] - Gerrit Keferstein - On Order and Kaos of Human Potential

April 24, 2018


 “We saw unfold in our patients in 6 hours (on magic mushrooms) what we would often only see in 6 years of (traditional) therapy”
This Audio Article  will go into depth on :

* How Psilocybin, the principal component of magic mushrooms, significantly improves symptoms of depression, anxiety and addictive behaviour from a single dose.
* The age of prohibition of psychedelics is over. Research is picking up again on psychedelics.
* The architecture of perception and the neurology of belief.
* The neurology of how Psilocybin alters perception and rigid belief patterns, thereby enhancing creativity, memory and abstraction ability.
* Risks of psychedelic substances and how to mitigate them.
* Goal-dependant dosages and drug interactions.
* A philosophical framework to determine whether you should give psychedelics a try


“Taking psychedelics was one of the two or three most important things I have done in my life. There are things about me that people who have not tried psychedelics – even people who know me well, including my wife – could never understand” Steve Jobs

This is not medical advice. I am in no doctor-patient relationship with my readers. I am NOT advocating for or against psychedelic substances. I am strictly against breaking any federal or state laws and I do not suggest any reader should even ponder breaking a law. All direct or indirect considerations on the use of psychedelic substances only apply for readers in countries where the use of such is not prohibited by any laws.