Orchestrating Success

Orchestrating Success

OS 110: Running and Leadership - Accountability

July 05, 2018

Hidden Goals Don't Work

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Set your goal.


Share your goal.


Accountability is energy.

We think that being accountable to someone might bring us criticism if we fail. We don't want to look bad. We don't want anyone to judge us poorly.

When we set a goal and share that goal with someone, it might be frightening. What if the person laughs at our goal? This is a statement of our intentions. This is typically a bold statement of accomplishment. How will we feel if we get push-back from someone we respect and someone we want to see us in a favorable light?

There are two sides to accountability:

  1. We commit to someone and become vulnerable to that person. If we fall short of our stated goal, then we risk criticism. This is the risk side of accountability that motivates us to succeed.

  2. We commit to someone and they become our partner in accomplishing our plan. We don't need to ask. We can't expect this cooperation. They know what we intend, so they know how to provide support.

Accountability is a major component to leadership success.

Accountability is a major component to running success.

No person can help me reach my running goals.

Everyone can help me reach my business and life goals.

Write your goals. Share your goals. Start taking action immediately. Keep a journal. Share your success.

Let the world bring you energy.


(My running goal for this month is 40 miles - posted on my social sites.)