Orchestrating Success

Orchestrating Success

OS 81: Bread for the Journey, pt 3 - Wholeness

October 18, 2017

Leaders care for the whole person

"Body, mind, spirit, voice - it takes the whole person to sing and rejoice." - Helen Kemp


We are complex. We are spiritual beings in a physical body. We are multi-dimensional. Begin today to recognize the wholeness of human being, instead of human doing.


Here's my list of what's important in my day:

  • Prioritize and schedule action items

  • Eat a healthy diet

  • Exercise

  • Rest

  • Study

  • Reflect and evaluate

  • Play

  • Think

  • Journal

Set apart time for what's important. Put these activities on the calendar. Create a plan and work the plan.

Here's my plan for today:

  • Talk less and listen more

  • Observe what's happening

  • Respond to what's happening, instead of reacting

  • Be quiet emotionally, physically, and spiritually

  • Be aware of my influence on others

  • Be aware of God's presence in my being

  • Celebrate God's blessing of my life

  • Pray without ceasing

Wholeness is a lot more than making lists. Making lists is awareness. Making lists opens up the  journey to let things happen. Transformational Leadership is wholeness in leadership. It's less about technique. It's less about ourselves. It's less about making things happen and more about letting things happen. The musical conductor allows the orchestra and choir make music by getting out of the way.

Wholeness begins with awareness.