Orchestrating Success

Orchestrating Success

OS 61: Learning the Value of Effective Networking with Kelli Holmes

June 16, 2017

Kelly Holmes on Networking


Welcome to TEAM Referral Network, where we are passionate about networking and connecting you with the right professionals to grow your business. TEAM Referral Network was created in 2002 out of La Verne, California. That first chapter has grown to hundreds of chapters across the Western United States, with plans to expand nationally and internationally. TEAM Referral Network includes weekly meetings with your chapter, training programs, business development, and most importantly, quality business relationships.

The individual chapters are at the heart of TEAM and promote an environment for regular networking, building strategic partnerships, and promoting your business on a local level. Each chapter is comprised of business owners, just like you, who desire to support and grow their businesses together. Our chapters are exclusive in nature, where only one person per business category is allowed in each chapter. Traditionally, our chapters consist of local individuals, centers of influence, business owners/entrepreneurs, and corporations who physically meet on a regular basis. However, we have recently launched our virtual chapters, which employ online conferencing technologies and apps to allow networking to happen virtually! These online business networks bring the power of TEAM Referral Network to anyone and everyone!

There is so much more to TEAM Referral Network that happens outside of our chapter meetings. Members are encouraged to meet one-on-one with other members to get to know each other on a deeper level. The entire TEAM Referral Network has access to all members with the exclusive TEAM-sponsored member’s website. These “mini” websites give added value to your brand’s online presence and search engine rankings (SEO), as well as make it even easier for prospects to find your company online. TEAM Referral Network also provides regular business development trainings, as well as our annual “Big Event”, where keynote speakers and coaches challenge you to go to the next level with your business. TEAM Referral Network helps you exponentially expand your sphere of influence and grow your business referrals.