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The Open Honest and Direct Podcast

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A plan for crisis: Tim Schumm | Founder & President, Lucas James Talent Partners
September 16, 2020

Tim Schumm, the founder and president of Lucas James Talent Partners, started and grew the organization to a team of 32 people in just 20 months– then COVID hit. Tim shares the step by step process he took to lead his team through this crisis, what it ta.

Building a roster of mentors: Matt Kunkel | Co-Founder & CEO, LogicGate
September 01, 2020

In this episode, Matt Kunkel, the co-founder, and CEO of LogicGate, discusses the importance of mentors and relationships. Matt co-founded LogicGate, a Chicago based SaaS platform which operationalizes regulatory, risk, and compliance programs for organi.

A new model for a new world: Jack Altman | CEO & Co-Founder, Lattice
August 14, 2020

In this episode, Jack Altman, CEO and Co-Founder of Lattice, a performance management and employee engagement platform, talks about why the employee experience is a company’s biggest asset and how management’s role evolves as an organization grows. Latti.

The power of the two person team: Bracken Darrell | President & CEO, Logitech
June 29, 2020

In the 8 years under President & CEO Bracken Darrell’s leadership, he has transformed Logitech and their stock price has octupled - that’s 8x growth! But in our conversation, Bracken doesn’t talk about stock price, profits, or revenue – instead, he share.

Keep an open mind: Tom De Weerdt | EVP & CFO, Mauser Packaging Solutions
June 17, 2020

Tom De Weerdt, EVP and CFO of Mauser Packaging Solutions, blends a bit of right and left brain into his leadership style. Using a philosophical and growth mindset along with plenty of spreadsheets, Tom has led several global teams at a variety of large c.

From salesman to CEO: Devin Gross | CEO, SonarMD; Former CEO, Emmi Solutions
May 19, 2020

In 2003, Devin Gross started as the first salesperson at a pre-revenue healthcare engagement company called Emmi Solutions. In 2010 Devin was named by the board as the CEO, where he went on to grow them from 35 team members to nearly 200 at the time of t.

Football was my avenue, not my end game: Desmond Clark | Author, Speaker, Co-Owner, The Insurance People
April 29, 2020

In today’s episode, Desmond Clark, the former Tight End for the Chicago Bears, two-time author, motivational speaker, philanthropist and Co-Owner of The Insurance People talks about the similarities between leadership on the field and in the boardroom, o.

Enabling my team to succeed: Kris Rudeegraap | Co-Founder & CEO, Sendoso
April 16, 2020

In today’s episode, Kris Rudeegraap, the Co-Founder, and CEO of Sendoso, a leading sending platform for innovative ways to engage with customers, shares why his number one priority as the CEO is hiring and retaining top talent and then enabling that tale.

Accountability + Collaboration = Success: Ryan Leavitt, Co-Founder of Pillar Booth, LearnCore and Catapult Chicago
March 10, 2020

Some things never go out of style: collaboration, the importance of sales, and phone booths. Serial entrepreneur Ryan Leavitt, the Co-Founder of Pillar Booth, LearnCore and Catapult Chicago, says there’s one equation that is necessary for a business to s.

Always be learning: Corbett Drummey | Co-founder & CEO, Popular Pays
February 12, 2020

In this episode, Corbett Drummey, the Co-Founder and CEO of Popular Pays, shares his journey in starting a content sharing platform that helps brands generate high-quality content to tell their unique stories through influencer marketing. Drummey started.