Open For Discussion On Solid State Radio

Open For Discussion On Solid State Radio

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Open For Discussion 11-14-21
November 17, 2021

Tonight’s topics include: A boyfriend that needs to clean his butt better, resigned from a job but they offer a 14k raise to stay do you stay? Update on the pregnant sister who let her brother in law

Open For Discussion 10-25-21
October 30, 2021

Topics for tonight include a Not The Father situation, congratulations on the marriage 21 days in and already having doubts, what do you do when your girlfriend sees ghosts? On Am I the A-hole: A guy

Open For Discussion 10-17-20
October 20, 2021

-A guy has to write about food from his culture but doesn’t have a dynamic background-To drive three hours to get laid or not drive three hours-A girl calls a guy pretty-We have a debate about the wor

Open For Discussion 10-10-21
October 12, 2021

Tonight’s show is going to the A-Holes! First we’ll hit some news articles and talk about when being nice can really just get you into more trouble as a poster wants to help a stranger. On Am I the A-

Open For Discussion 10-3-20
October 12, 2021

Tonight’s topics include: people constantly showing up at someone’s house looking for a person who doesn’t live there, a woman and her husband’s best friend have an uncomfortable conversation. On Am I

Open For Discussion 9-26-21
September 28, 2021

-A partner with a locked closet that he only has the key to-Are breakup confessions good or bad?-Do you tell your date that you have a bad stutter? -Am I The A-Hole: Making your daughter sleep in the

Open For Discussion 9-19-21
September 22, 2021

-Tonight we start with a tribute to Norm: The Moth Joke. -A discussion of the new Tik Tok trend that will most likely turn into a rant about social media. -How do you write wedding vows to what was su

Open For Discussion 9-12-21
September 22, 2021

-Fans at the Miami Hurricanes game catch a cat dangling from a balcony (look up the video worth a watch)-A guy makes observational commentary about everything-What does a dude do when he finds out his

Open For Discussion 9-5-21
September 22, 2021

-A zoo breakout -Pranking the school board -What did a mom find in a room this time?-The life of dating a gamer.-Am I The A-Hole: a woman dances half naked in the living room-A guy makes his girlfrien

Open For Discussion 8-29-21
September 22, 2021

-When does science turn into sci-fi? -The ex turned up at your house before his wedding-The awkwardness of outbidding your ex-wife on a home.-Am I The A-Hole: Not giving a kid a ride to the hospital a