Oof! Right in the Childhood

Oof! Right in the Childhood

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Fantasia (1940) — Disney's First Acid Trip [Part 1]
August 31, 2020

Did you know that we have Fantasia to thank for surround sound? And that Walt Died before it ever turned a profit? And that there are racist depiction of Chinese and Black people in the movie? You didn't? Tune in for this week's history lesson and review

Pinocchio (1940) — The one I can never spell
August 24, 2020

Apart from the racist slurs, overt sexualization of puppets, and racist depictions, Pinocchio is a work of art. This week's episode cover art is provided by ShaSha. Check out more of her work over on her Instagram @ShhShaShhSha. Our theme music was c

Snow White (1937) — The one that started it all
August 24, 2020

Snow White & The Seven Dwarves seems short and simple by today's standards, but when it came out, it was a revolution. No one had ever done the things Walt Disney did, and they all thought he was off his rocker even trying to do it.  In my first

Podcast Update and Acknowledgements (Promo #2)
August 17, 2020

The first full episodes of Oof! Right in the Childhood launch next Monday, August 24, 2020. Until then, here are some updates regarding everything. If you want your fan art featured on the cover or own a business who would like to sponsor an episode, plea

Oof! Right in the Childhood Promo
August 11, 2020

Join me on a journey through the Disney Animated Feature films to not only learn their history, but unearth the sexism, racism, ableism, and classism that came with a Disney-steeped childhood Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/oof-right-in-