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Pathways Choices: Resources to Help
October 09, 2019

It’s time to choose a pathway.  Pathways choices seem more complex this time around. Decisions in Pathways Choices There’s been a bit of grousing in Toastmasters land these days.  As the days of the Competent Communicator wane,

Repeating Speeches
October 02, 2019

I listened to an ice breaker this week from a man who just chose his next pathway.  His speech explained why he selected this path instead of repeating the speech he did with his first ice breaker.  Is repeating speeches  bad in Toastmasters?

Chief Judge and the High Performance Leadership Project
September 25, 2019

Toastmasters Contest Chief Judge Do you love paperwork?  Then the role of chief judge is yours.  Because there is a boatload of paperwork that the chief judge has to manage. I guess they called this organizer the Chief Judge because she is – wait for i...

Toastmasters Contest Organization: Chair and Contest Master
September 19, 2019

Toastmasters Contest Organization requires three people. Ever been to a circus?  Back in the long lost days of traveling circuses, there would be huge tents with three staging areas called rings and each would have an act going at the same time.

Let the Toastmasters Contests Begin: Contestants
September 12, 2019

Ever heard of the World Champion of Public Speaking?  Toastmasters contests recognize one speaker a year as the best.  It starts at the club level and goes all the way up to the International Speech Contest held annually at the International Toastmaste...

Level 1 and Level 4: Taking Risks
September 04, 2019

This week, I took a risk and went to an exercise class that was advertised to be a low-impact workout.  I have issues with my feet, ankles, and knees, so a lot of jumping or running is not an option for me.

New Pathways News
August 28, 2019

Breaking News – 40 minutes too late Just about 40 minutes after I released last week’s podcast episode, Toastmasters President Daniel Rex’s report to the International Convention was posted on Facebook – including some big news about Pathways.

Club Meeting Roles – Introduction to Leadership
August 21, 2019

Toastmasters catch-phrase is “Where Leaders Are Made.” How do we do that? If you’re in one of public speaking pathways, maybe you don’t expect leadership tasks in your track.  If you’re in one of the leadership pathways,

Evaluation Page Three Pledge
August 14, 2019

How seriously do you take your role as evaluator? How often do you think about Evaluation Page Three? Recently, we had what’s called a round robin evaluation session for an advanced Toastmaster.  Everyone has a chance to add a comment to the evaluation...

Your Second Pathway: Start Over or Start Again?
August 08, 2019

Starting the Second Pathway Before Ending the First Should you finish your first pathway before you start your second pathway?  I know there are people out there who wouldn’t consider their second pathway before finishing their first.