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Toastmasters 101

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Education Sessions: The Big Stages at Toastmasters Events
February 26, 2020

Education Sessions at Toastmasters conferences, education days and officer training events: do you want to take the bigger stage and speak to a larger Toastmasters audience? Education Sessions – Step Up and Step Out The districts are announcing their A...

Working Toastmasters Pathways
February 19, 2020

What Order Should You Follow in Toastmasters Pathways? “What good is skipping a step on a ladder?” Toastmasters Pathways were built to be done in order, right? I saw this ladder analogy on the Official Toastmasters International Members Facebook Group ...

Contest Speeches and Ice Breakers
February 12, 2020

Today’s episode is about contest speeches and ice breaker speeches. According to Toastmasters International, I’ve given more than 8 Ice Breaker speeches. According to the evaluations on my desk, I’ve given my contest speech 8 times in preparation for t...

Membership Contests
February 06, 2020

Where will you find a Toastmaster? Get new members in your club with  membership contests. I went to a story-telling conference last week and discovered that one of the other attendees is a Toastmaster.  ( Hi, Alan!

Toastmasters Meetings: Why you should go
January 30, 2020

Oh, not another meeting.  It’s that time of year when we in the northern hemisphere know that spring is coming – months from now. We want to sink down into a warm blanket and sip something soothing and not leave until that groundhog’s prediction no lon...

Toastmasters Open Houses to Recruit New Members
January 23, 2020

How to run Toastmasters Open Houses Why do we have Toastmasters Open Houses? Do you know what kind of turnover you can expect in a Toastmasters club in one year? I actually did the math and you know what? Toastmasters International is probably right.

Building a Storytelling Path
January 15, 2020

Making Your Pathways Work For You If you’ve been listening to the past year’s podcasts of Toastmasters 101, you’ve heard me say that I want a good storytelling path. Sadly, it’s not in development as far as I know. When I last asked,

Youth Leadership Program: Take Toastmasters out of the club
January 08, 2020

Youth Leadership Program by Toastmasters – Is it time for you to take Toastmasters out of your club? There are about a zillion good reasons to become a Toastmaster. Everyone has their own reason to join. But at some point,

Toastmasters Goals: Why did you join Toastmasters?
December 21, 2019

What are your Toastmasters goals? In the past month, I have 3 evaluators mention my posture. As a 60 year old woman, that’s a lot of notice. So I decide I need to do something about this. What does my posture have to do with Toastmasters goals and the ...

How to Create a Speech in One Hour
December 13, 2019

How to Create a Speech in One Hour? Impossible?  Not at all. I gave 3 speeches in 20 hours last week. I’d mention the clubs by name, but that’s not ideal because – they had empty slots to let me speak. That’s not a good thing.