On The Road To Perfection

On The Road To Perfection

Cultural Catholicism – Episode 139

March 16, 2023
On The Road To Perfection

Episode 139: Cultural Catholicism

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Why do we say that and not “Happy Saint Mark’s Day!”? Beth and Kristofer explore Cultural Catholicism in this episode of On The Road to Perfection. They discuss the importance of the underlying Catholic culture and why it is so much a part of our world, and they also explain why it is important to remain devout and to call others go deeper and learn more than the facade of Cultural Catholicism. And, no, Kristofer hasn’t been sneaking a nip of any of that triple-distilled unmalted barley, though it sure sounds like it at times.

But he does have a great beer-and-priest story from his conversion that he shares during this fast-paced episode.

Beth and Kristofer talk a little about the history of St. Patrick and other Catholic Cultural mainstays in our secular world (Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas…), as well as explain the reason behind Catholic Culture not being the same everywhere. They discuss how we can take advantage of this common ground and invite “Cultural Catholics” back to church, and remind us to remain devout ourselves.

Have a happy Saint Paddy’s Day, and make Cultural Catholicism work for you – and The Lord!

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