On The Road To Perfection

On The Road To Perfection

Here Come The Scrutinies! – Episode 138

March 09, 2023
On The Road To Perfection

Episode 138: Here Come The Scrutinies!

What are the Scrutinies? In this season of Lent, we may have heard about them on the periphery, but do we know what they are? Beth and Kristofer explain this minor rite to help us better realize the beauty of the Church and prepare us for when they happen at Mass in the coming weeks!

Beth wonderfully covers the connection of the readings to the Scrutinies during Lent. They discuss the need for the whole Church to experience the Scrutinies.

Kristofer gives an emotional perspective on this rite that most of us have not experienced. Beth and Kristofer talk about how it is important us to realize the Scrutinies do indeed apply to all of us.

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