On The Road To Perfection

On The Road To Perfection

How Do I Love My Enemies? – Episode 137

March 02, 2023
On The Road To Perfection

Episode 137: How Do I Love My Enemies?

How do I love my enemies? Beth and Kristofer answer this question as well as defining what an enemy is beyond, as Beth put it, “That nebulous group of people.” They discuss why we should love our enemies and then Beth and Kristofer explain how we love our enemies. Take this opportunity to learn about the importance of forgiveness, love, and humility when we think about our enemies.

The way to heaven is a narrow road, and we are to love as The Lord loves as part of traveling that road. But it is hard. It is supposed to be! In this discussion we get to hear Beth and Kristofer struggle with the idea. Winding their way from praying for enemies in Mass to deciding if they would push and enemy out of the way of a bus to dealing with terrorists. It is a struggle throughout this episode.

Kristofer gives us some insight into how he loves his enemies; he explains that his prayers have helped him avoid creating enemies after being really good at creating a lot of enemies for some twenty years. Beth and Kristofer Further offer some more bits on loving our enemies, but wait until the end of the episode to see more proof that these episodes are off the cuff!


Here is Mahatma Gandhi quote on Friendship in part 14 of this article.

Beth and Kristofer have difficulties explaining love in the case of Osama Bin Laden, who falls into Just War Doctrine.

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