On The Road To Perfection

On The Road To Perfection

Evangelization – Episode 134

February 09, 2023
On The Road To Perfection

Episode 134: Evangelization

Evangelization sounds scary – like the vulture that was circling and following during the show! But do we know all that it entails? What is it? It’s not what you think, unless you want to think that’s what it is. In this episode of On the Road to Perfection, Beth and Kristofer go in depth into the history of evangelization and why it is important today. They explain what it truly is and why we are all called to evangelize the world. And they also explain how to evangelize, and ways you may already be doing it – and how to kick it up a notch! And you meet Walter for the first time! Plus we have LOTS of episodes and TWMWUs we link to in the show notes for learning more, and a tease for the next two episodes just before we sign off.

Beth and Kristofer certainly didn’t understand the full extent of evangelization until purposeful study most folks may not take the time to learn, and they explain what, at its core, evangelization is – so you have one less thing to study! Many of us are already fulfilling the call to evangelize without realizing it, and when we do understand that, we will be more forthright in our evangelizing and not beat ourselves up for not doing something we don’t know we aren’t doing.

We have to remember that we must be who we are supposed to be and do what we are supposed to do to be an evangelist. And we will be evangelizing without trying when we become the person God has called us to be. And that empowers us to do more evangelization by actually trying to do more.


You can help evangelize your family by using This Week’s Mass Warm UP!

Perhaps you feel called to be a more outward evangelist. In that case, check out St. Paul Street Evangelization.

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