On The Road To Perfection

On The Road To Perfection

Solidarity With The Church – Episode 132

January 26, 2023
On The Road To Perfection

Episode 132: Solidarity With The Church

After going over their Frustrations With The Church in an earlier episode, Beth and Kristofer now explain Solidarity With The Church. What exactly does that mean? How can we know if we are in solidarity with the Church? Beth and Kristofer dive into the relationship we should have with the Church and by extension our relationship to and with Jesus. Unity with the Magisterium is important and Job One at Holy Owned and Operated and in the Cowles Family. So how do we reconcile those frustrations with solidarity? It’s all about Family… And you get to hear our new washing machine and dryer. As a bonus, you get to hear our new washing machine and dryer, and Kristofer sings a thirty-year-old commercial for a local appliance store. Fun stuff!

Beth and Kristofer explain that there is nothing wrong with disagreeing with the Church and that we should be willing to disagree and to listen to those who have frustrations. As in any family, we will have disagreements, but we have righteous ways of airing our grievances and concerns, well-outlined by Jesus in the Gospel. When we do have problems, we must maintain solidarity with the Church and understand that the Magisterium is the authority of the Church Militant. Beth and Kristofer also point out that we must be balanced in our levying our grievances and praises on the Church and not be blind to the good or the bad.

Kristofer gives some of his conversion story, noting that a significant part of his coming to the Church was the Church’s openness to disagreement and even encouragement of it, noting that St. Paul tells us that we cannot discover the Truth if we do not have those who disagree with us. Kristofer further describes our duty to bring our disagreements to the Magisterium!

It is always important to remember that we, as baptized Christians and particularly those of us who are confirmed Catholics, believe that the Church is the Bride of Christ and by extension the Mother of the children of God. No child agrees with every decision of their mother, but they come to learn the wisdom of those beliefs and decisions, and challenge their parents on things they disagree and don’t understand. But we do not throw the baby out with the bath water – we seek to understand and find the Truth. And we do that always in solidarity!


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