On The Road To Perfection

On The Road To Perfection

Frustrations With The Church – Episode 130

January 12, 2023
On The Road To Perfection

Episode 130: Frustrations With The Church

Starting with the God-given right we have as outlined in Canon Law, in this delicate topic, Beth and Kristofer discuss their frustrations with the Church, from the misuse of liturgy to the administration of the Church. But this is not a gripe session on this rainy and windy day; they explain the canon law, historical, pastoral and liturgical context behind their beefs and want to help us be more aware of what might be going on at our own parish. Kristofer breaks down what is the source of the failures of the Church Militant, while Beth goes into detail on who should be administrating the parish itself. It was a windy day; we are solving the problems it creates in our audio quality.

Please keep in mind that, while these are frustrations Beth and Kristofer have with the Church Militant as it exists right now, they do believe in the authority of the Magisterium and that the Pope is the “first among equals.” This is by no means a Protestation! They simply point out what needs to be taken care of that the Church has forgotten or ignored for decades or more.


Check out our episode on The Magisterium if you need a quick reminder on where the Church gets its authority.

Listen to our episode, It’s The Little Things, to see how getting stung by bees is what is going to get us, not being bitten by an elephant; which is pertinent to the discussion here.

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