On The Ski Lift Skiing Podcast

On The Ski Lift Skiing Podcast

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37. Ski to Sea Relay 2022: Nordic/XC Skiing, Downhill Skiing & Snowboarding, Cycling, Canoeing, Kayaking
June 13, 2021

We are thinking Memorial Day Weekend 2022 is the year to assemble Team On The Lift Podcast. This may sound like skier blasphemy, but… Dibs on NOT skiing. You’ll see why – The race is a 93 mile relay. The mass start is the Nordic leg.

36. New Zealand, Mt. Hutt, Queenstown, Christchurch, Methven and the Southern Alps Summer Skiing with Richie Owen
June 06, 2021

Richie Owen shows us the way around Mt. Hutt. Actually, he shows us the way all around the South Island of New Zealand. This is the one destination that, well, wasn’t a destination last year. The nation shut it’s borders and held them tightly during th...

35. Valle Nevado, Chile for July and August Summer Skiing, Snowboarding, and Wine in South America
May 31, 2021

Valle Nevado is just uphill from Santiago, Chile. Dominique Rudlof is Valle Nevado’s marketing director and she shares her enthusiasm for this amazing resort in South America. Skiing begins in June. All-inclusive options area available on the mountain....

34. Ski and Snowboard Australia’s Mt. Hotham & Thredbo with Southern Hemisphere Adventurer Rouchelle Gilmore
May 23, 2021

This episode is the first of three timely productions about Southern Hemisphere skiing and snowboarding. Southern Hemi snowsports typically kick off in mid-June and last through mid-September. July and August are the heart of the season,

33. Adaptive Skiing with Becki and John of Boise Adaptive Snowsports Education
March 19, 2021

Adaptive snowsports make skiing and snowboarding available to anyone who is interested.  This is an enlightening episode for those who would like to learn more about turning disabilities into abilities through snowsports.

32. We’re Cheering For Benjamin Alexander in the Next Olympics!
March 08, 2021

Benjamin Alexander is a mid-30’s racer.  He is working his tail off to qualify to represent Jamaica as a ski racer in the next Olympic games.  He’s admittedly inspired by the legendary bobsledders who preceded him.

31. Seattle’s Favorite TV Meteorologist and Avalanche Expert, Rich Marriott
March 04, 2021

Rich Marriott knows avalanches.  He personally planted some of the hardware that makes forecasting possible for the rest of us mere mortal skiers who take snow control for granted.  Rich has been a meteorologist with King5 News for 33 years,

30. Ninety Years of Lance and Mike’s Ski Hacks
February 28, 2021

We’ve been keeping a list of some helpful thoughts for y’all.  Pocket meals to ski racks; nailing a “helicopter” to taking photos, and lots of fun stuff in between.  We’re here to help.  Thanks to those of you who sent in your tips, too.

29 – Recycling Skis into Art with Brian of SkiArtistry.com
February 24, 2021

  Our man, Brian Geppert, knows how to spare the landfill of skis.  Get to know Brian and his commitment to saving skis, sparing the landfill, and creating fabulous pieces of art.  And even better, those works are available for you,

28 – Eric Krantz on Popcorn Sales for Funding Lift tix, a Tour Around Some Minneapolis Ski Areas, and Headed to Jackson Hole
February 21, 2021

We are really enjoying our new Instagram friends.  Eric Krantz is one of them.  Join us during this fun ski conversation about Eric’s dad finding a way to fund 5 kids lift tickets by selling popcorn in the parking lot.