On The Ski Lift Skiing Podcast

On The Ski Lift Skiing Podcast

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12 Tod’s Ski Rig and Bob’s Birthday
August 30, 2019

skiing from an rv ski rig and dancing in ski boots

11 – Austin Grooms Breck and Josiah Nails the Drop!
December 27, 2018

Bear with some “levels” issues, we’re still figuring this out. BUT – THE CONTENT IS WHAT YOU WANT! This episode has interviews from two different 19 year olds who’ve both got-it-goin-on! Learn all about what it takes to stumble into a groomer job at on...

10 – Opening Day, Live!
November 24, 2018

Skiing opening day and podcasting live from the road and the lift

9 – Ski Swap Season and Favorite First Days
October 27, 2018

Ski Swap Gig Harbor High School First day skiing Interviews. Semi live recording. Ha.

8 – Gig Harbor Ski Swap – Come on Out!
October 27, 2018

Bargains galore in Gig Harbor

7 – Summer Skiing With Andrew & Double-D Todd’s Rental Boots
August 27, 2018

Our first mic’d interview. Featuring Andrew Reid. Andrew and two others went summer skiing at Oregon’s Mt. Hood. This episode is about their great first day of summer skiing. Make that summer BOARDING at Mt. Hood’s Timberline Lodge.

6 – Ski Films Spark the Vibe & Anthony’s Aprés Dance
August 21, 2018

Ski films should be watched during the end of summer. It’ll put you in the mood to gear-up during Labor Day mega-sales. Mike talks about his mid-80’s Warren Miller Fave. Lance launches into his Greg Stump Era (i.e. Plake, helmet cam, mic’s on skiers,

5 – Labor Day Ski Vibe and JB Misses First Tracks
August 15, 2018

Show Notes Labor Day Starts the Season Vibe with Biggie Sales: Seattle Ski Bonkers – Labor Day Weekend https://www.facebook.com/skibonkers/ http://skibonkers.com/ 8/31-9/3 Held at abandoned Sports Authority, just south of Bellevue Square.

4 – Rating Ski Town Jobs & Mustard Color and Wood Panel Station Wagon
August 07, 2018

We have dozens of years of observing resort employees, seasonal help, restaurant and hospitality servers, and retail workers.  Maybe this discussion will help you decide what kind of work to pursue in the soon-to-occur hiring fairs?

3 – Buying Gear Online & Kirk Drops a Racer
August 07, 2018

We are partial to buying ski and snowboard equipment in your local shop.  But sometimes online shopping for ski and snowboard gear just makes sense.  There are risks with buying big items, and closeouts online.  Why not stock up on base-layers,