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One Page At a Time Podcast

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Episode 34: 2020 Favorite Reads with Jill Berrett Given and Amanda Fristrom
January 13, 2021

We both had reading goals we mastered in 2020 and want to share with you some 2020 favorite reads from us, One Page at a Time hosts, Jill Berrett Given and Amanda Fristrom As we look forward to a new year in our podcast,

Episode 33: How We Read with Jean and Mark Yockey
November 19, 2020

The (first?) grandparent edition of How we read with Jean and Mark Yockey helps us all to gain the perspective of a parent who raised their kids on books and now read to their grandchildren as well - wherever in the world they are.

Episode 32: How did a dyslexic become an author,.?!
November 05, 2020

Just how does a dyslexic become an author of a series of picture books teaching language and grammar rules to children? Kimberlee Gard shares her story with us. This week we are joined by children’s book author Kimberlee Gard,

Episode 31: Show Me the Money…Bunnies! Talking Finances with Kids with Cinders McLeod
October 14, 2020

We know, talking finances with kids doesn't usually rank high on a parent's list of highlights. Moneybunnies may just be able to help you out with that, however. This week we are joined by Cinders Mcleod, cartoonist,

Episode 30: What Everyday Reading Looks Like with Janssen Bradshaw
October 01, 2020

Book recommendations, printable reading lists, a free ecourse on raising a reader and more all reside at this website, but here we interview Janssen about what everyday reading looks like to learn what goes into this powerhouse of information.

Episode 29: Bringing out the Best in Princesses and Superheroes with Dr. Sarah Coyne
September 16, 2020

We help you bring out the best in princesses and superheroes in your books - whether they are for you or your children! We know. You don't know what to think of your toddler trying to climb walls like Spiderman and your daughter singing "Let it Go" ...

Episode 28: Focusing on Focus: Helping Kids Read Independently with Kristen Berrett
September 02, 2020

We are focusing on focus and helping kids read independently in this episode - a sometimes overwhelming subject. If you have a wiggle-worm or reluctant reader in your life, this may be a helpful listen. This week we are joined by Kristen Berrett,

Episode 26: Dealing with Covid-19
April 05, 2020

Dealing with Covid-19 using books may sound overwhelming or like a perfect fit - or likely somewhere between these two on the sliding scale. We wanted to give you a look at what's happening in One Page at a Time and also a couple resources you can look...

Episode 25: Loving Bookstores from Afar
March 25, 2020

Loving Bookstores from Afar may seem impossible, given the nature of brick-and-mortar stores. Add in the current #stayhome world we are in, we fear for our sanity and for the bookstores around the world. can help with both these concerns.

Episode 24: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Books with Coleen Graham
March 17, 2020

What do we mean by healthy bodies, healthy books? We share how can you use books to help your family stay healthy, and what are some great options to read together. This week we are joined by Coleen Graham,