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AfroBrutality Radio Episode 3
April 02, 2017

Syn chats with an old friend and OG Eric Magee. Eric is a former Army Ranger and has a resume that reads like a badass. Meanwhile, Hoodie gets in trouble with Syn during the "Things Syn Hates" segment.

Old Swole Podcast Hunter McIntyre
February 03, 2017

Hunter McIntyre...the Sheriff joined Old Swole to talk about his Broken Skull Challenge championship, Obstacle Course running, training and with one of the best outlooks on life, his enthusiasm is contagious and he's fun to talk to about anything.

Old Swole Podcast Isaiah Vidal - Spartan Racer
January 13, 2017

Isaiah Vidal, Spartan Race Elite racer and OCR athlete took some time to visit with the Old Swole. We chatted about how he got into OCR and his plans for the future.

Old Swole Podcast Episode S02E24 Christmas Abbott
November 22, 2016

Talked with the ever lovely CrossFit OG, Christmas Abbott about how she got started in the sport, her time overseas, as a NASCAR crew member and what's going on now. She has an inspirational story for everyone.

Old Swole Podcast Episode S02E23 Nate Harris
November 15, 2016

A departure from the usual episodes. Me and "Nasty" Nate Harris just chatted. We have been goofing off on social media and I figured, let's just do an episode. Nate is a great guy with a great personality and a cool story.

Old Swole Podcast Episode S02E21 Cory Procter
October 10, 2016

Talked with former Dallas Cowboy Cory Procter....little bit about training in the NFL, college and what he does now. We met a few years ago over on the Twitters when he was playing in a band.

Old Swole Podcast S02E20 Tony Blauer - Spear Tactical Systems
October 03, 2016

Tony Blauer joined me to talk self-defense, fight or flight instincts and how the Spear system can help you and your family. It's a part of CrossFit in my opinion, functional fitness and all that.