Oh, No! It's Podcast

Oh, No! It's Podcast

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Something For Everybody
January 04, 2016

Your boys chose to spend the final hours of 2015 in a room together (!!) discussing Devo's last studio effort, 2010's Something For Everybody. Along ...

Smooth Noodle Maps
December 01, 2015

From 3 weeks into the past (thanks to commitments that for the purposes of this description we will call "earning a living" and "getting an ...

Total Devo
October 26, 2015

Here it is folks, late and not great, the spuds finally hit the absolute zero, the rock bottom of the Devo catalogue; and it only ...

October 05, 2015

Live from Cinnabon, it's Shouterday Night! The gang gets really depressed and sick as they venture into "bad Devo" territory.  All is not completely lost, ...

Oh, No! It’s Devo
September 27, 2015

The episode you've all been waiting for since we ripped off its title. Seth, Jackson, Gemma and Reid dive into Devo's underrated 1982 release Oh, ...

New Traditionalists
September 17, 2015

In this fourth triumphant, especially purple-sounding installment, the crew reviews Devo's fourth full-length effort, 1981's New Traditionalists. If you like movies from the mid-aughts about ...

Freedom Of Choice
September 11, 2015

The gang reviews the Devo album your mom and pop are sure to know, Freedom Of Choice. Gemma gets a twitter notification right off the ...

Duty Now For The Future
September 03, 2015

The spuds are back in town for the sophomore slump. This week we review Devo's second album, 1979's Duty Now For The Future. Hear us ...

Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!
August 26, 2015

Seth, Jackson, Reid and Gemma sit down together 114.5 kilometres away from each other to inaugurate the podcast and review Devo's first studio album "Q: ...