Off the Cuff with SDJ - Spontaneous | Informal | Unrehearsed

Off the Cuff with SDJ - Spontaneous | Informal | Unrehearsed

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43.Special Guest Interview with Jacob Nordby
October 22, 2020

Jacob Nordby is the author of The Divine Arsonist: A Tale of Awakening and Blessed Are the Weird – A Manifesto for Creatives. His words have been translated into many languages and shared around the world. He leads the Creative UnBootcamp course for st...

42.Special Guest Interview with Joseph White Wolf Cosgrove
October 13, 2020

Joseph “White Wolf” Cosgrove was born in northern Canada spending most of his early years deep in the wilderness alongside his father who was a fur trapper. He became spiritually awake as a young boy, developing a deep love and respect for animals.

41.Special Guest Interview with Rev. Mark Anthony Lord
September 29, 2020

Rev. Mark Anthony Lord is a passionate spiritual teacher, preacher, and guide for those who are breaking free from the shackles of old-school religion. He can do this because he has walked the path himself. Rev.

39.Special Guest Interview with Dr Lena Fernandez
September 23, 2020

Dr. Lena Fernandez is an expert in the field of natural medicine. She is a Naturopathic physician who lives with a mission to inspire, empower, and transform lives worldwide with natural therapies. - Dr. Fernandez specializes in nutrition,

38.Special Guest Interview with Brisa Alfaro
September 16, 2020

Brisa is an Author, Pons Stroke Survivor, Inspirational Speaker and Recovery Coach. Her story has been covered internationally and globally by the likes of The Washington Post, Woman’s World Magazine, The Doctors TV Show,

37.Special Guest Interview with JD Oldenburg
September 08, 2020

I was born in Venezuela, moved to the states in 2006, and to LA in 2009 when I was 19. Now live in NYC and self-publish children's mystery books, direct commercials, and compose music! I am a queer artist and love fantasy that explores existential ques...

36.Special Guest Interview with Matt Gil
September 03, 2020

Matt Gil is a powerful, impactful & soul stirring speaker & has touched the lives of over 40 million people worldwide. He is an Impact & Engagement Strategist, Transformational Coach, Media Host & Author of International Best-Selling book "Got it,

35.Special Guest Interview with Susanne Wilson
September 01, 2020

Susanne Wilson, The Carefree Medium, is an intuition expert, teaching medium, metaphysical researcher, and author. Susanne teaches people how to realize their intuitive talents and how to make their own direct connections with their guides and loved on...

34.Special Guest Interview with Melissa Corter
August 28, 2020

Melissa Kim Corter is certified in over 36 modalities. Her specialty is discovering emotional and financial barriers sabotaging prosperity and visibility. She has a unique intuitive ability to uncover blockages and self-defeating patterns cycling throu...

33.Special Guest Interview with Kim Richardson
August 27, 2020

Kim Richardson is a Best-Selling author and publisher, helping entrepreneurs brand and build their business. As a Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner, author, publisher, and graphic designer, Kim has a real love and passion for helping small business owner...