Off Colored Discussions Podcast

Off Colored Discussions Podcast

OCD – 49 – Jacob Crain, Instagram & YouTube Fashion Star, Live Stream

July 17, 2018

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This week we had Jacob Crain in the studio to give use the trend of what's going on in the business of fashion. This up and comer of Instagram and YouTube, A fun time listening how he's flipping outfits for dough! Check out more from him if you want to see what's in, or what everyone else in wearing!

Beer of the Week:
From Barley and Hops over in Milford, NH Chris gave us a strong recommendation for Massachusetts own, Lord Hobo Brewing Co. "Boom Sauce". A staple in the IPA community. We will be travelling to their pub soon. We ended the show with another from Baxter Brewing Co. "BootLeg Fireworks". This punch in your mouth, double IPA, with "too many hops to count", did it's job with an explosion of flavor!

Featured Music:
You’re Fired - “Wishful Thinking”

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