Off The Rails with SloppyYellow

Off The Rails with SloppyYellow

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#134: The Most Important Pod to Date: Stocks
October 06, 2021

Dado has immersed himself into understanding the stock market. After buying his first stock ever at 51, it didnt take long to figure out how manipulated and crooked the stock market can be. Good Pal

#133: Dega Baby
October 02, 2021

Waggs, Billy, and Dado go from Vegas to Dega, baby

#132: Vegas Baby
September 25, 2021

Waggs and Dado crank out a classic No Cut Quickie recapping Bristol and PreViewing VEGAS

#131: A Fireside Chat Discussing Media, Politics, & the Economy
September 21, 2021

Goof friend Mark stops in for a barebones chat on the state of the media, fact checkers, Biden/Trump, and where we go from here

#130: Jr is back in the Seat
September 10, 2021

Waggs & Dado talk Darlington, the ‘22 schedule, Jr back in the seat, and RIR!

#129: Playoffs!
September 03, 2021

Jimmy Waggs, Billy, & Dado discuss all things Daytona, news of the week, and race preview!

#128:Daytona or Bust
August 27, 2021

After a hiatus, we are back, opinionated, and ready to fight for the playoffs.

#127: Dialing it In
July 24, 2021

Billy’s in a bar, Waggs is iRacing, Dado is waiting on a plane, and Rob doesn’t know what Quinn Houff looks like, but is ready in case Quinn bumps in to him at the track.

#126: Dado Unplugged
July 17, 2021

While Billy chases foul balls, Waggs is iRacing, and Rob is on a 100 mi bike ride, Dado has the mic all to himself and probably says some shit he should’t have.

#125: ATL (skip the first 1:50)
July 10, 2021

Dado, Rob, & Waggs discuss a bunch of topics & ATL Dado thinks Harvick & SHR are done