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Off The Air with Rich Herrera

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Off The Air With Rich Herrera: ESPN/Sports USA Radio’s Mike Morgan
February 01, 2016

I remember when we first got cable and was so excited to get ESPN. I would get up extra early before the sun came up on Thursday morning to watch the Canadian Football League. Wow, have times changed. An announcer that bring you games 7 days a week can...

Off The Air With Rich Herrera: Rafa Hernandez Brito of the Cleveland Cavaliers
January 18, 2016

This week, we go outside the box on the podcast and invite Rafa Hernandez Brito, the play by play voice of the Cleveland Cavs en Espaniol. We discuss the stylistic differences between English and Spanish announcers and how he went from an engineering d...

Off The Air With Rich Herrera: Miami Heat’s Mike Inglis
December 21, 2015

This week, we go “Off The Air” with Mike Inglis, the voice of the Miami Heat. As a kid in Canada, he dreamed of playing at Madison Garden on the ice but with most of us, life takes you another way. The original sports talk show host in Canada now calls...

Off The Air With Rich Herrera: Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton
December 14, 2015

What is more difficult: perfecting something or blaze the trail for others to follow? The answer is BOTH! That’s exactly what radio broadcasters like Dave Sims did at the beginning of WFAN in New York City. While that was going on,

Off The Air With Rich Herrera: Army/Navy Week
December 07, 2015

Pick a side. Army or Navy? 364 days a year they are brothers in arms defending our nation and keeping us free. One day a year they compete on the gridiron for bragging rights that carry on for the entire year.

Off The Air With Rich Herrera: Clemson’s Don Munson
December 02, 2015

The Clemson Tigers are riding high atop the college football landscape this season and leading the charge is the Voice of the Tigers, Don Munson. How did Don go from the student radio station at Appalachian State being around Mack Brown to being around...

Off The Air With Rich Herrera – USC’s Pete Arbogast
November 23, 2015

There are dreams jobs that all of us dream about, but when that dream job is in your hometown, you’re the luckiest man in the world. This week, we meet a man who grew up in Southern California and is now the Voice of the University of Southern Californ...

Off The Air With Rich Herrera – Kansas City Royals’ Steve Stewart
November 16, 2015

When a team goes from worst to first, it’s an incredible run for everyone involved, especially the fans. To be able to bring that run to fans is a special treat that all broadcasters hope for before the season begins.

Off The Air With Rich Herrera – Army’s Rich DeMarco
November 09, 2015

Many broadcasters have a special relationship with their audience. Many play by play men have famous and powerful fans and alumni that are passionate about their teams while others might have a national leader or two that hang on their every word in th...

Off The Air With Rich Herrera – Seattle Mariners’ Dave Sims
November 02, 2015

Long before WFAN took the air in New York and newspaper writers starting appearing on TV and Radio, Dave Sims was trading in his typewriter for a microphone. Today, he is the voice on Seattle Mariners on Root Sports bringing Major League Baseball to fa...