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Ep. 16- Mama Crab and Scubble- Interview with Eve Cox and Ashton Vaughn
September 03, 2020

Today we interview Eve Cox and Ashton Vaughn of in NYT’s The Little Mermaid. From babbling about sweaty costumes to how to portray effective comedy to adjusting one’s acting to fit playing a non-human, this episode has a lot of tips, tricks,

Ep. 15- Inside Playing Iconic Disney Characters!
August 27, 2020

Today we interview Jacob Holland and Beth Hale, both cast members in NYT’s The Little Mermaid. We discuss the experience of playing an iconic cartoon character on the stage. Follow NYT Antics on Instagram for show updates and more!

Ep. 14- It’s Not Easy Being Mean: Interview with Makenna McDaniel
August 22, 2020

Today we interview Makenna McDaniel, who played Ursula in NYT’s The Little Mermaid. She goes into the tactics and acting tools that went into her playing such a manipulative villain. Tune in for acting tips, funny stories,

Ep. 13- Virtual and Socially Distanced Summer Camp
June 24, 2020

We spoke with virtual camp volunteer, Eve Cox, and parent of a virtual camper, Rachel Holland about the new digital camp that NYT has pioneered this summer. We discuss our favorite moments, bigger picture applications, and the upcoming season for NYT!

Ep. 12- NYT Antics Discusses Change
April 18, 2020

Today we interview Justin Parks on changes the world of theatre after corona alongside changes to NYT Antics as it is welcomed into the CGM Radio Network! Feel free to listen and comment on what you would be interested in hearing about from Jillian Par...

Ep. 11- Coronavirus and How It’s Affecting NYT
March 24, 2020

Today we interview Ann Wood and Justin Parks on changes to the spring semester after the corona outbreak. Additionally, they give any available, current information about the upcoming summer shows and camps!

Ep. 10- NYT First Sunday Group
January 20, 2020

Today we interview Gloria Mathias, Jack Wood and Nathanael Farnum on all things First Sunday, worship, change and a lot more miscellaneous banter. Follow NYT Antics on Instagram for show updates and more! Subscribe to the Podcast on your favorite podca...

Ep. 9- Interview with Mary Poppins and Frozen Cast Members
January 02, 2020

Today we interview Jon Avery Welch, Kaitlyn Weir, Savannah Alexander, Josh Reed and Jack Wood about the funniest, most wholesome and most challenging parts of the show processes! Follow NYT Antics on Instagram for show updates and more!

Ep. 8 – Interview with Frozen Director Lisa Morales & Producer “Tracy Bear”
September 07, 2019

Today we interview Lisa Morales, director of the NYT Cypress location, about their fall show, Frozen! Plus, production manager “Tracy Bear,” drops by yet morphs into The Woodlands producer Rachel Holland right before the show begins. Astonishing!

Ep. 7 – Interview with Mary Poppins Directing Team!
September 07, 2019

Learn all about the fall show, Mary Poppins! This week Jillian interviews Mary Poppins director Aimee Bowles, choreography director Katie Terrill, and Producer Rachel Holland to talk all things Poppins! Follow NYT Antics on Instagram for show updates a...