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April 28, 2021

Jenna Matecki pops in to give a quick guide to Notes on Doing for new listeners, and to say hi. Check out what Jenna's up to nowadays at or instagram jennamatecki Notes on Doing is a series of conversations with people who love what...

065: Looking forward
February 21, 2019

In retrospect, Jenna has some things to say about Notes on Doing. Check out what she's up to today at,, and @jennamatecki on Instagram. 

064: Mark Osborne on the invisible things
September 19, 2017

Notes on Doing's NODcast episode 064 where Jenna interviews Mark Osborne. Mark Osborne is an animation film director. He directed The Little Prince, Kung Fu Panda, Spongebob Squarepants, music videos for Coldplay and Weird Al, and the short films More...

063: Justus Meyer & Eric McCoy on making it happen, together.
July 25, 2017

Notes on Doing's NODcast Episode 063 where Jenna interviews Eric McCoy and Justus Meyer, the filmmakers behind McCoy Meyer. They're a directing duo that's produced over 100 commercials, short films, and music videos. Listen to what they said...

062: Caitlin Pasko on self-respect
May 11, 2017

Notes on Doing's NODcast episode 062 where Jenna interviews Caitlin Pasko. Caitlin is the music publicist running Drunken Piano, a company managing and representing over 35 bands. She is also a musician and just released...

061: Danielle Jackson on being sure of what’s right for you
April 03, 2017

Notes on Doing's NODcast Episode 061 where Jenna interviews Danielle Jackson.  Danielle is a writer, focusing on culture and social dynamics. She founded the consultancy Culture Culture, and has a background across arts administration,...

060: Jon Bowermaster on having a body of work
March 17, 2017

Notes on Doing's NODcast Episode 060 where Jenna interviews Jon Bowermaster, an environmental filmmaker, writer, and adventurer. Jon is an oceans expert who has spent his career telling stories about climate change and conservation. He has traveled...

059: Meitha Al Mazrooei on how ideas don’t start from zero
February 23, 2017

Notes on Doing's NODcast episode 059 where Jenna interviews Meitha Al Mazrooei, Founder and Editor of WATAD architecture and design magazine. Listen to what Meitha had to say about curiosity, printed matter, aesthetics, Dubai, and creative...

058: DJ Sharlese Metcalf on the importance of listening
February 07, 2017

Notes on Doing's NODcast Episode 058, where Jenna interviews Sharlese Metcalf. Sharlese is a DJ at KEXP Seattle. She hosts and produces Audioasis, a Northwest music show. Sharlese is also KEXP's Music Community Events...

057: Jim Estill on doing the right thing
January 25, 2017

Notes on Doing's NODcast Episode 057 where Jenna interviews Jim Estill. Jim is the CEO of Danby, a Guelph, Ontario-based manufacturer of electrical appliances. Jim recently took over a million dollars of his own money and organized a massive...