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Not A Single Fork Podcast

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One Sweet Potato, Two Sweet Potato
November 29, 2021

Are you guys noticing a theme? We are totally into ingredients this season. And, we're trying to help you out with some of the more challenging ones. A suggestion here, a recipe there and then you

Let’s Have Pie And A Bunch of Other Stuff
November 19, 2021

True to form, we covered many topics on our way to pie but we did talk A LOT about pie and a lot of other stuff as well. Natalia, being from England, did not grow up with pie as we know it. Pie was

To Bean Or Not To Bean…
November 09, 2021

That is the question, for chili anyway. In this episode, we travel far afield (as usual) but end up talking mostly about chili because it's chilly outside, right? So chili when it's chilly. Chili i

Apple Bobbing and More
October 30, 2021

Happy Halloween Everyone! It's my favorite and for fun, we decided to go a different route, kinda, and talk about a recipe for something that most people just buy at the store (and we can certainly

Pumpkins: Not Just For Carving Anymore
October 20, 2021

Continuing on our journey to breakdown recipes and harvest fall, we now attack the pumpkin. Not really attack it but we are cutting it up in one way or another. In this episode, we do spend some ti

Just Squash It!
October 10, 2021

How about those Winter Squash? Intimidating for some. They look weird or they skin is hard and basically, you have not idea what to do with them. So...what do you do? Just buy the diced butternut s

Recipe Breakdown – The Good, The Bad, The Ingredients
September 30, 2021

The Wursts and Wieners We're so glad to be back! Sorry for the hiatus but we have a really good excuse or at least, explanation. We've got SO much going on!! From social media to photos to onlin

Wrapping Up The Gadgets
July 26, 2021

Not A Single Fork, Season 7, Episode 9

Wrapping Up The Gadgets
July 25, 2021

A final word (or two) about this season of gadgets. Natalia was being really nice and letting everyone off the hook. Not quite sure what's gotten into her but okay...she's not usually so nice. She'

A Special Honor So One More Time
July 16, 2021

Not A Single Fork, Season 7, Episode 8