Noobie Brothers

Noobie Brothers

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The Unpacking Game
November 08, 2021

Tank is OBSESSED with a game that had you "unpack..." Justin does not understand how someone could like that.

Animal Crossing Update thoughts!
November 05, 2021

Animal Crossing has just put out a MASSIVE update. Player 3 and Justin talk about all the things they are excited to have in the game! Justin also talks about how he's turning his character into a drug dealer.

Warner Brothers Fighting Game?
November 01, 2021

Today on the show Justin and Tank talk about the news that Warner Brothers is working on a "Super Smash Bros." style game. Do you think it will be a hit?

Baby Fighting & NFT's
October 29, 2021

This episode was ALL OVER the place. The guys get distracted by a BuzzFeed quiz that will tell you how many babies you could fight! they also talk about "Meta" and Mark Zuckerberg's weird bbq sauce.

Guardians Of The Galaxy game - Back4Blood Review
October 28, 2021

Justin and Player 3 link up to chat a little about Back4Blood, but mainly to get a rundown of how Player three likes the new Guardians Of The Galaxy game! hear his thoughts, and tips, and the two do their best to stay away from spoilers.

New DC Themed Rollercoaster
October 25, 2021

Today on the show, Justin and Tank dive into an announcement from six flags! There is a new Wonder Woman Rollercoaster being made!

GTA Remaster & Uncharted Trailers Reaction
October 22, 2021

Today we got our first look at the new The Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy! We also got our first look at the Uncharted movie with Tom Holland! The bros watch and react to them live on the podcast... while also getting hella distracted with other pointless

Nintendo Check-in!
October 20, 2021

Today, Player 3's back! The guys take a dive into Nintendo since Tank is out. Are you excited about all the Nintendo 64 games and Sega Gennissis gaming coming to the platform? The guys also debate BEST Pokemon games, and "Gamer Etiquette"

A Fortnite Movie?
October 18, 2021

Epic Games could be working on a Fortnite feature film, as well as expanding into a new media division, according to a new report... Tank and Justin talk about possible topics and how they could make something like that work.

Call Of Duty Zombies & Anti-Cheat
October 15, 2021

Today on the podcast Justin and Tank talk about all the news around the new Call of duty game coming out in November! How do we feel about their new zombie mode, and do we think their Anti-Cheat system will help?