The Non-Toxic Fanboys Podcast

The Non-Toxic Fanboys Podcast

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71: The Time Traveler’s Wife (2022) Season 1 Apparently?
July 07, 2022

Glenn and Scott complete their coverage of The Time Traveler's Wife with a review of the new HBO series adaptation. They discuss how the characters changed between the book and the screen, how the sto

70: The Many Failings of The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009)
June 02, 2022

In anticipation of the new Time Traveler's Wife series on HBO, Glenn & Scott take a look at the 2009 movie adaptation. They discuss the tightrope walked by the novel's main love story and how the movi

69: National Film Score Day 2022: Our Favorite Scores of 2021
April 03, 2022

Glenn & Scott once again celebrate National Film Score Day by talking exclusively about scores they actually like. This year's recommendations include a Finnish nature documentary, a French score that

68: Seventh Annual Oscar Preview: Best Original Score 2021
March 21, 2022

It is Oscar season, and despite the Academy banning the category from the telecast the Best Original Score award still exists, and Glenn & Scott are here to cover the nominees. After already examining

67: Dune Scores, Part 2
February 08, 2022

Glenn & Scott close out DuneWatch by reviewing the final two adaptation scores, Dune (1984) by Toto and Dune (2021) by Hans Zimmer. They discuss the drastically different takes on the source material

66: Dune Scores, Part 1
January 14, 2022

In honor of Dune (2020) finally opening in 2021, DuneWatch 2021 rolls on into 2022 with a transition to DuneListen, where Glenn & Scott review the scores from the Dune adaptations theyve been watchin

65: The Golden Path - Children of Dune (2003)
January 07, 2022

DuneWatch continues as Glenn & Scott review the 2003 miniseries Frank Herberts Children of Dune, adapting the novels Dune Messiah and, well, Children of Dune. How well does this miniseries translate

64: So Far, So Good? - Dune (2020) (2021)
December 06, 2021

DuneWatch continues as Glenn & Scott review the newest Dune movie. They discuss what aspects of the story this movie emphasizes and what it leaves out all together, what it handles better than any pre

63: The Saga of Dune (2000)
November 07, 2021

DuneWatch continues as Glenn & Scott review the 2000 Sci-Fi Channel miniseries Frank Herbert's Dune. How does this series compare to the 1984 movie, how does it compare to the 1965 novel, and which on

62: Dune (1984) Is A Terrible, Terrible Movie
October 07, 2021

Glenn & Scott prepare for the upcoming release of the new Dune movie by reviewing the first Dune movie. They evaluate it as a movie and as a Dune adaptation, and find it severely lacking on both count