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Rev It Up Podcast

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An interview with Church History Podcast Host: Lorelee Siemens
July 23, 2021

In today’s episode, Pastor Cliff talks with the host of the Church History Podcast, Lorelee Siemens.  Lorelee lives in Canada and shares the state of the church today in Canada.     Highlights {2:10}

History of Plymouth
July 15, 2021

In today’s episode, Pastor Cliff talks about Plymouth.  The beginning of Plymouth, the end of Plymouth, and all the things in between. What relationship with Plymouth and Dodge, and the cars of T.V.  

History of Chrysler
July 09, 2021

In today’s episode, Pastor Cliff talks about Chrysler. The story of Walter P. Chrysler, and his contribution to the automotive world. From adding more cars to the Chrysler name to building powerful en

All about MOPAR
July 02, 2021

In today’s episode, Pastor Cliff talks about MOPAR. The history of the MOPAR and the Hemi engine. He tells the story of the highest selling muscle car. Pastor Cliff shares his recommendations for YouT

Why I don’t Give up
June 25, 2021

In today’s episode Pastor Cliff tells the story of growing up with Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) a group of rare, genetic disorders that involve a breakdown and loss of cells in the retina — which is the light-sensitive tissue that lines the back of the ey...

Teresa Blaes – Being used by God
June 18, 2021

In today’s episode, Pastor Cliff interviews another blind podcaster. Pastor Cliff interviews Teresa Blaes, an author, blogger, podcaster, mother of one, wife, and serial entrepreneur. She is a follower of Christ Jesus,

Family is everything – Stories from Pastor Cliff
June 11, 2021

In today’s episode Pastor Cliff shares some personal news. Two of his family members, Uncle Bobby and Uncle Jerry Brown are both very ill and getting ready for heaven   Pastor Cliff shares stories of his two uncles and his family growing up.

Don’t leave the church
June 04, 2021

Pastor Clip shares his passionate plea to not walk away from the church Highlights {1:30} What is the responsibility of the church {3:10} Lessons from Mathew about Jesus {7:00} God is good, and Satan lies {9:50} Who can you trust?

Going to automotive school while you are blind.
May 28, 2021

Pastor Clip shares his story of going to automotive school when you are blind. Highlights {3:19}    The first try at school and why it didn’t work {7:30}    How the dream started {11:19}  Moving to help blind daughter {15:00}  God’s new plan,

Interview with Brad from Teshuah Tea
May 21, 2021

Pastor Clip interviews Brad from Teshuah Tea.  Brad started Teshuah Tea Company as a way to help others especially those who have been abused and forgotten by the rest of society. Brad talks about his business partner Andrew a missionary to Asia.