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191: #191 | Casual Workers
November 08, 2019

Craig out, Daithí in, and a terrific guest interview to boot - it's NO ENCORE #191~! Mango X MathMan talk their new album which is out RIGHT NOW, Dave indulges himself with a post Danny-From-The-Script breakdown, Daithí recalls his recent gig run, and the

NO POPCORN #009 | The Rocky Horror Picture Show
November 04, 2019

It's astounding... that David Higgins has never before seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Alongside Dave Hanratty and returning guest Norma Howard, he looks to make sense of the bonkers cult musical classic.

190: #190 | King Without A Crown
October 31, 2019

Yep, we just can't wait any longer.  It's time to review the latest Kanye West missive - Jesus Is King.  ACT ONE: Dave did the impossible - he dragged Craig to the cinema. ACT TWO: Kanye West. Jesus Is King. A review longer than the album itself. ACT THRE

189: #189 | Has Kanye Dropped The Album Yet?
October 25, 2019

The truth is we don't know, folks. Certainly not at time of writing, anyway. But let's forget all that for now and welcome back Sarah Corcoran of Pillow Queens fame, now officially a WOMAN OF THE YEAR. A deserved honour. She joins two of the usual crew as

NO POPCORN #008 | The Fanatic
October 21, 2019

At long last, NO ENCORE's 'music and movies' sidebar returns. Apologies for delay, life is very busy. Anyways, it's time for Dave Hanratty and David Higgins to delve into the bizarre Fred Durst-helmed, John Travolta-fronted, problematic nightmare that is.

188: #188 | Daithí's Album L.O.S.S. Out Now!
October 18, 2019

Congratulations to our resident Captain Fiddle on the release of his superb new album, which is out now so go and listen to it! As such, he's not here this week. Filling in is the wonderful Brendan Canty, a man who knows a thing or two about music videos

187: #187 | On An Undercover Cop
October 11, 2019

Salutations. Craig and Dave draft singer-songwriter man Carlo Magliocco in to assist in reviewing the new, typically ambitious and otherworldly Nick Cave record. Before all that, there's a sit-down with Tandem Felix hero David A. Tapley as debut album Rom

186: #186 | Billie Eilish's Carbon Footprint
October 04, 2019

NO ENCORE returns with special guest Philly Taggart of BBC Radio 1 and writing a great book - Phil Taggart's Slacker Guide to the Music Industry - as the boys put the music world to rights once more. Dermot Kennedy's debut album. Kanye West's no-show. Rob

185: #185 | You Like Huey Lewis & The News?
September 27, 2019

NO ENCORE returns, as does Irish Times crime man Dean Ruxton, in order to run the rule over one of the year's most anticipated records; Girl Band's The Talkies.  Elsewhere, it's your usual hot take music shop. Lengthier show notes unavailable due to Dave

184: #184 | Rex Appeal
September 20, 2019

The boys Tebi Rex take over the studio in celebratory fashion as Dave and Craig do their best to maintain decorum. Do check out their debut album (Tebi Rex, not Dave and Craig) The Young Will Eat The Old when you can.  But first, the podcast... ACT ONE: W