Nipple Confusion

Nipple Confusion

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Nipple Confusion 078: Keep at them Nips
May 07, 2017

Jim and Eric bid a fond farewell to both the show and all the amazing listeners. It's been a heck of a ride, but now, it's time to put the podcast literally and figuratively to bed. Also: Elliott's nursemaid's elbow returns and Jim talks about going...

Nipple Confusion 077: Party Dad Strikes Again
April 23, 2017

This week Jim and Eric are licking their collective wounds, while Mateo and Elliott continue to be Mama's Boys. Also, The Nintendo Switch seems cool and stuff. Send emails to:

Nipple Confusion 076: Baby's First Antibiotics
April 17, 2017

Jim and Eric are LIVE in the SKYPE zone for a subdued, but MEATY episode. Jim is fighting off a cough and losing his voice as he tells the tale of Mateo's crappy week. Eric is sad that Elliott only wants Mommy, but happy that Elliott got blood drawn...

Nipple Confusion 075: Nursemaid's Elbow
April 10, 2017

Jim and Eric are BACK after a week off to talk about Jim's weekend alone (sort of) with Mateo, Elliott's nursemaid's elbow injury, tantrums, Mateo's near catastrophic injury, Bowser trying to run away, fun times in the bubble bath and much, MUCH more!...

Nipple Confusion: SPECIAL: Young and in Love
April 02, 2017

Jim and Eric take the week off, but in their place is Peter and Ashley Harmon and their new show, "Young and in Love!" "In a social media obsessed episode we talk about sharing our kids on social media in the Parenting portion and social media arguing...

Nipple Confusion 074: Percy Boy
March 26, 2017

Elliott is really into Thomas the Tank Engine. Mateo did a really sassy thing to his Omi. Topics also discussed: Bambo diapers, diaper rash cures, a weird street lady that freaked Eric out, car maintenance, and much, MUCH more! Aw YEAH! Send Emails...

Nipple Confusion 073: Double Play Dates
March 19, 2017

This week Jim DEBUNKS a common belief about play dates. Elliot is NO LONGER AFRAID of cows. The continuity of "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" is no long a thorn in ALL of our sides and much, MUCH more! Aw Yeah!! Send emails to:...

Nipple Confusion 072: The New Ernie is Terrible!
March 13, 2017

This week, Jim and Eric discus how the new voice of Ernie on Sesame Street is terrible (and Big Bird as well for that matter) as well as a new outbreak of diaper rash, Eric being unsure that his hands are poop free, pinching at daycare, Mateo's first...

Nipple Confusion 071: Zool Babies
March 05, 2017

The Zool Babies are a scourge on this Earth! This week Jim and Eric talk about that, The Grand Mac, gender specific Happy Meal toys, transitioning into and out of daycare, crazy tantrums from Mateo, sleeping in, Elliott drinking rain water and much....

Nipple Confusion 070: A Rash of Diaper Rashes
February 26, 2017

This week, Mateo has been dealing with a bad case of the diaper rash (and so do a few classmates) while Elliott is beginning is journey into the land of the terrible two's. Topics also discussed: Jim and Jess went away for a weekend without a Baby,...