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March 27/20 - CORONAVIRUS & LOCKDOWN. with Tom Davis
March 28, 2020

Tom Davis has had many years in law enforcement. We will be talkin Coronavirus. And what could happen to your rights!

March 26/20 - Secret Space Program with Penny Bradley
March 27, 2020

Penny Bradley Will be telling us about the Secret Space Force What she has to say is scary!

March 25/20 - The Paranormal- Ghost with Tom Ogden
March 26, 2020

Tonight Tom Ogden one of America's leading authors on ghost and the paranormal world Will be telling scary things on this show!

March 23/20 - The Close Encounters Man Mark O" Connell
March 24, 2020

Do UFO's Do they or don't they exist? Mark O' Connell will lay it all out!

March 20/20 - Monsters And The Paranormal with Dave Spinks
March 21, 2020

On this show Dave Spinks will cover the paranormal and monsters! Dave has been on television shows such as Expedition X , Terror in the Woods , Paranormal 911 and many more!

March 19/20 - Dogman & Bigfoot with Joedy Cook
March 20, 2020

Joedy Cook is big into cryptozoology. We will be talking mothman,dogman and bigfoot tonight!

March 18/20 - UFO's And ET's With Bret Sheppard
March 19, 2020

Tonight we will get deep into UFO's and ET's Are they real? Are they here?

March 17/20 - UFO'S Real Or Not! with Michael Huntington
March 18, 2020

UFO's are the real? Are they coming to earth for a reason? Our guest Michael Huntington

March 16/20 - UFO's & MUFON with Dr.Bob Woods
March 17, 2020

Dr. Bob Woods Will cover UFO's and Mufon This is a major show on UFO's!

Mar. 14/20 - Special Edition Saturday Coronavirus
March 14, 2020

Ok i need to get my feeling out about whats going on withe the coronavirus and the public!