The Next Episode w/ Sabrina

The Next Episode w/ Sabrina

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The Bathwater Meth Episode
October 21, 2021

TL;DH: On this episode… Victoria’s secret to staying skinny has just been revealed. Dr. Dre’s grandma has passed and in lieu of flowers, he got served. Plus, Atlanta became the Oldest Town Road in hon

The Jimmy Wants to Walk Episode
October 19, 2021

TL;DH: On this episode… Flavor Flav finds himself doing the Unga-Bunga in jail after a domestic violence arrest. Fans of "Y: The Last Man" are wondering "Y" FX decided to cancel the show. Plus, Drake

The America Got Too Extreme Episode
October 18, 2021

TL;DH: On this episode… Motley Crue singer Vince Neil was performing "Don't Go Away Made (Just Go Away)" when he went away... from the main stage, via falling off of it. Zara Larsson has a beef with

The Kevin James' Rub Club Episode
October 15, 2021

TL;DH: On this episode… Queen Elizabeth's doctors are pooping all over her party and it is not OK. Kesha had sex with a ghost and now she has a TV show. Plus, a possibly-fake map has revealed the mos

The Sabrina the Real Estate Witch Episode
October 14, 2021

TL;DH: On this episode… Kim Kardashian is being bullied by her 8-year-old. R. Kelly has been convicted of sex trafficking and has been sentenced to a 500% growth in album sales. Plus, Sabrina may not

The Possessed Beatlemania Episode
October 13, 2021

TL;DH: On this episode… Like sands [that are possessed by the devil] through the hourglass… so are the upcoming episodes of “Days of Our Lives”. Demi Lovato is permeating “extra” after speaking up fo

The Tom MacDonald Episode
October 12, 2021

TL;DH: On this episode… There's new conspiracy theory surrounding Tom Cruise and his cheeks. A petition was launched against a high school principal and her love for heavy metal. Plus, Steve Harwell

The Spin the Dolly Episode
October 08, 2021

TL;DH: On this episode… Dolly Parton revealed when and where her first kiss was, besides her mouth-area. Speaking of revealing, Kathy Hilton has revealed the "hotline" she used when Paris would sneak

The Not Even 7-Minutes Long Episode
October 07, 2021

TL;DH: On this episode… The Cats Movie was so bad that it made Andrew Lloyd Webber do something really imPAWlsive. After 65 years, the rights to Bozo the Clown have been sold to a very familiar face.

The Vikings Love Boat Episode
October 06, 2021

TL;DH: On this episode… We relive the infamous "Minnesota Vikings Love Boat Scandal" and, well, "All Aboard!" Gwyneth Paltrow wants to make female libido great again. Plus, Britney and Madonna's 200