The Next Episode w/ Sabrina

The Next Episode w/ Sabrina

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Smoke Weed Twice a Day
February 26, 2021

TL;DH: On this episode… Lady Gaga's dogs have still not been returned, and now the dog walkers in Hollywood are on high alert and looking to protect themselves in some pretty ridiculous ways. Kanye West's presidential campaign not only cost him his marria

Mom's Spaghetti
February 25, 2021

TL;DH: On this episode… We cover the breaking news about Lady Gaga's dogs, who were targeted by thieves that shot her dog walker and stole 2 of her French Bulldogs, Eminem joins the Billion Streams Club, and we find out why break-ups are good business, at

Alone With an Ice Cream Cone
February 23, 2021

TL;DH: On this episode... We hear which celebrity is starting a podcast with Barack Obama, Xzibit's wife is pimping her life by filing for divorce, and Gwyneth Paltrow is selling a vibrator shaped like an ice cream cone while also trying to take credit fo

Gimme Fuel, Gimme Fire, Gimme Elevator Music
February 22, 2021

TL;DH: On this episode… Daft Punk and the Kardashian-West household officially have something in common, Metallica's live Twitch concert was interrupted by the Karma Fairy, and the Muppets are offensive AF according to the streaming platform that just rel

William Eyelash and the A.I. That Hates Nickelback
February 19, 2021

TL;DH: On this episode… We bid farewell to Prince Markie Dee and Bozo the Clown: Detroit Edition, Billie Eilish says “hello” to a new restraining order against her stalker, and we find out which celebrity once made sex at a funeral. LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, FOLL

Ridiculousness Featuring Ridiculousness Accompanied by Ridiculousness
February 18, 2021

TL;DH: On this episode… Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil are teaming up to yell at online CBD retailers, MTV wants you to live, eat, and breathe Ridiculousness, and Lou Ferrigno Jr. reveals the celebrity that constantly pulled pranks on his father. LIKE, SUBSCRIBE,

My Less Shiny Teeth and Me
February 17, 2021

TL;DH: On this episode... We get the latest on the Bachelor Nation chaos and now Chris Harrison's white teeth are at risk. Machine Gun Kelly has a new jewelry piece and it has Megan Fox's DNA all up in it. Plus, we find out which Buffy the Vampire Slayer

X Got’ Give a Beautiful Day to Ya
February 16, 2021

TL;DH: On this episode… Netflix announced they are working on their own Britney Spears’ documentary, a Chinatown Detective has brought the “End Game” to the Avengers’ box office record, and Nelly’s mansion is for sale and it comes with limited bandaids an

Flynt Funeralooza 2021
February 15, 2021

TL;DH: On this episode… We get the exclusive invite to the most LIT funeral/party happening this weekend, Justin Timberlake and Chris Harrison are playing doubles in this week’s Cancel Tournament, and Ozzy Osbourne hears Lil Jon’s remix to “Crazy Train” n

February 12, 2021

TL;DH: On this episode...Tom Jones has revealed his secret to good health and, well, it's weird. Plus, Bam Margera's latest stunt involves crying and dry-heaving, and Roku just made the Baby Shark nightmare even worse. LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS