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VHS Massacre #6: Debbie Rochon Interview star of Slime City Massacre!
August 03, 2018

Check out our new Twitch Show live from the back of the video store! Ken and Tom speak with Indie film legend Debbie Rochon director of ...

VHS Massacre #5: Slime City one of the original “Melt Movies”!
July 27, 2018

Ken and Tom talk about the 1988 cult classic Slime City considered to be one of the original "Melt Movies"! Twitch iTunes  Twitter  Google App!  Stitcher Radio Facebook Youtube  Instagram

VHS Massacre #4: Escape from the Bronx and Joe Bob Briggs breaks Shudder!
July 20, 2018

Ken and Tom discuss the third film in the Lasanga Bronx Trilogy (Italian directed, Bronx based, post-apocolypic, 80's gang films) Escape from the Bronx and the ...

VHS Massacre #3: 1990 Bronx Warrior and Joe Bob Briggs Shudder marathon!
July 13, 2018

Ken and Tom discuss 1990 Bronx Warrior and the Joe Bob Briggs Shudder marathon tonight! Sign up on Shudder.com for a free week trial to see ...

VHS Massacre #2: Ken Powell returns to talk about the 80’s cult classic Bronx Executioner and the VHS Massacre Sequel!
July 06, 2018

Ken Powell returns to talk about the 80's cult classic Bronx Executioner and announce the VHS Massacre Sequel!    iTunes  Twitter  Google App!  Stitcher Radio  Facebook  Youtube

VHS Massacre #1: A look back at out Joe Bob Briggs Interview!
July 03, 2018

Congrats to Joe Bob Briggs on his new Shudder marathon! Let's take a look back at our New York Cinema Radio interview with Joe Bob ...

Episode #249: Annihilation, Hostels and going to college with Phil Lord, Chris Miller former directors of the Solo movie.
June 13, 2018

Chris Ferry talks about going to college with Phil Lord and Chris Miller the original directors of Solo: A star wars story and the Lego movie. ...

Episode #248: SPOILER ALERT Infinity War, A Quiet Place, VHS Massacre and independent film industry discussions
April 29, 2018

Tom and Chris have a chat about the current state of independent filmmaking in the post physical media era as well discussions on Infinity War and ...

Episode #247: Toys that have deeply religious or violent history!
April 24, 2018

For the full video check us out on Youtube at the New York Cinema Drive-in! The third in the webseries about action figures, this video ...

Episode #246: Author Jonathan Alexandratos speaks with us about controversial action figures.
April 18, 2018

For the full video check us out on Youtube at the New York Cinema Drive-in! From Screaming Janine from Ghostbusters, to Earring Magic Ken to ...