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News Bants #52
March 22, 2021

Episode #52 covers these topics: The proposed 1% pay rise for NHS workers Rishi Sunak's slick videosBeattie Communications' non-inclusive post about diversityAre Covid vaccine passports inevitable?Thoughts on News UK scrapping the term 'BAME'

News Bants: Meghan and Harry on Oprah
March 09, 2021

In this special episode of News Bants, we share our perspective on Meghan and Harry's interview with Oprah Winfrey.

News Bants: The Covid vaccine and BAME communities
February 17, 2021

In this special episode of News Bants, we discuss why some Black and Minority Ethnic communities are hesitant about taking the Covid vaccine and what can be done about it.

News Bants: Live Predictions show 2021
January 31, 2021

We share our unfiltered and light-hearted predictions for news, politics and culture in 2021. This episode was recorded live in front of a remote audience.

News Bants: A review of 2020
December 29, 2020

In this special edition, we share an unfiltered and light-hearted look back on 2020 news, politics and culture. This was originally recorded as a live show for The Pros Winter Series event.

News Bants #51
December 23, 2020

Episode #51 covers these topics: Can Croydon Council rebuild trust after effectively declaring itself bankrupt?Millwall Football Club and Black Lives MatterCan celebrities persuade people to take the Covid vaccine? Happy listening!

News Bants: Lockdown 2
November 11, 2020

England has entered its second national lockdown. What impact will the government's lack of transparency on Covid data and allegations of nepotism have on the public? We also discuss whether Pfizer's vaccine will be well-received by the public.

News Bants: US presidential election 2020
November 04, 2020

In this special edition of News Bants, recorded before the election result, we discuss our thoughts on the furore surrounding election day and how Joe Biden and Donald Trump have run their respective campaigns.

News Bants #50
October 26, 2020

Episode 50 of News Bants covers these topics: Pure Gym, social media, and Black History Month Is Starbucks move to tie executive pay to diversity targets a good thing?Darren Grimes and freedom of speechThoughts on the upcoming US Presidential electi...

News Bants #49
October 19, 2020

Episode 49 of News Bants covers these topics: The UK government's handling of CovidIs Boris Johnson up to the job?The growing influence of Northern mayors including Andy Burnham Will Allegra Stratton's role as the government's new press secretary le...