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A New Direction

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Are You Emotionally Ready to Retire – Beverly Lessard
July 09, 2020

You may be thinking to yourself, I am to young to retire.  Wait!  Perhaps right now you are not thinking about retiring.  But regardless of your age you should think about it.  Most of us have dreams of one day stop working and do the things we want to...

Stressless Success: Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity – Janet McKee
July 01, 2020

We all want to achieve success in our life.  And we all have probably sought advice on how to achieve it.  Most of the time we will hear phrases as "just work harder", or, "focus on the details", or, "get clearer on your goals".

Unlearning Anxiety and Depression – Dr. Joe Luciani
June 24, 2020

Dr. Joseph Luciani Best Selling Author Unlearning Anxiety and Depression on A New Direction - When it comes to anxiety and depression the one thing is for certain, they can be paralyzing to the people who experience it.

Live to Forgive: Moving Forward When Those We Love Hurt Us – Jason Romano
June 17, 2020

Jason Romano Spectrum Sports - Former ESPN Producer - There are so many around us who have lived a life with an alcoholic and abusive parent, or spouse.  Perhaps you have been the abuser, maybe you are still living a life of abuse.

Choosing Discomfort for Leadership & Success – Green Beret Jason Van Camp
June 11, 2020

Maj. Jason Van Camp, Green Beret (ret'd) - When it comes to Special Operating Forces there is a phrase commonly used, "embrace the suck".  The idea that you are in the midst of horrible circumstances you have to decide if you are going to make through...

Thriving Not Just Surviving: Choosing Success – Gina Gardiner
June 04, 2020

Have you ever said, things like "If I were only...." then I could achieve success?  Well, the truth is you would not be alone.  As a matter of fact there is an epidemic of a lack of self worth that exists in our world.

Leading The Demotivated Employee – Dr. Tara Peters
May 27, 2020

How many times have I been asked, "how can I motivate my people"?  It is question that is asked of every coach.  As a coach we typically do not give an answer because we know you are not ready to hear the truth.  And even if we were to tell it to you,

Real Talk from a US Special Operations Guy – All Secure – Tom Satterly
May 21, 2020

You may have seen the movie "Black Hawk Down" at the very least you may have heard of it.  Did you know that the fire fight lasted for 18 hours making it the longest fight since the Vietnam war?  Did you or do you know someone who actually fought in th...

The Revenge of Dealing with Difficult People – Dr. Rick Brinkman
May 14, 2020

We have all had to deal with "difficult people".  You know those people who have certain behaviors that can just annoy, unnerve, or even anger us.  We are talking about those people you just can't stand.  And they show up in a variety of ways.

Be a Better Leader and Transform Your Business – Maureen Metcalf
May 07, 2020

Change is inevitable, but in today's world change comes at us at an accelerated pace.  This means that businesses and organizations must be able to transform.  How does a business do that?  Well it starts with the leader.