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8/16/23 Respect & Civility No More
August 16, 2023

Ron says that life was working just fine before (for the most part) and that we have totally lost respect and civility...... TV host Marisa Brahney has some back to school product suggestions

8/15/23 American Schism
August 15, 2023

Ron devotes this episode to America's deep political divide that is causing great dangers ... Guest: Author Seth David Radwell "American Schism"

8/14/23 Don’t Say Pickleball
August 14, 2023

Ron, as the fun-loving guy that he is, looks at pickleball and bowling as interestingly odd passions. He also clarifies his ability to have sarcastic joy ......... whatever

8/11/23 Public Babysitters
August 11, 2023

Ron somewhat believes that public school is basically a babysitting service, with a bit of education thrown in...... Guest: Author Diane Hunter "Oh Great, Another Vampire Book"

8/10/23 Beach Horrors
August 10, 2023

Ron reveals the horrors of the beach. The ocean doesn't want you in it ... and the sun doesn't want you lying near it..... Guest: Melissa Stewart talks about Delightfully Disgusting Animal Dinners

8/9/23 Civil War Insight
August 09, 2023

Ron has an extended interview with author Steve Procko "Captured Feedom" with unique insight about the Civil War

8/8/23 Panties In A Bunch
August 08, 2023

Ron talks about too many toothpaste choices, useless coupons at CVS, and other disturbing things that get our "panties in a bunch".... Guest: Dr. Ibrahim about dinosaurs

8/7/23 Stranger Things In My House
August 07, 2023

Ron doesn't understand the concept of letting a stranger get into his car or sleep in his house... but that's apparently just his opinion..... Guest: Jeff Grant about Airbnb apartments

8/4/23 Election Politics
August 04, 2023

Ron has artificial things that surround him..... Guest: Author Luke Nichter "The Year That Broke Politics"

8/3/23 Shamed By My Dentist
August 03, 2023

Ron talks about how we clean up for the very people who will be cleaning up for us. It makes no sense. Ron also wants to thank Trump sarcastically... Guest: Ann Harkins of National Crime Prevention C