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New Abolitionists Radio

NA Radio – Take Back The Bronx w/ Jessica & Jamal

September 09, 2021

Jessica Rodriquez, a member of Take Back The Bronx and works with Root & Branch Collective NYC, will join us in a discussion concerning obtaining accurate information from inside jails and prisons about the horrors of prison slavery. To that end, another group has emerged called Eyes On You NYC that is taking up some of these issues.

I am a mother and a grandmother who has a son who has been through the system his whole teenage life and adult life. All my children and grandchildren's fathers have been held captive at one point or another in these cages they call jail/ prison.

As part of the Eyes on you Committee, it is our goal to push our way into these cages to directly speak with the people who are suffering there. We want to be the eyes and ears to deliver accurate and true information about the horrors that go on inside, we want it to be told directly from those suffering. We want people released. Cages kill, we know this. They kill not only the spirits of our people but their physical bodies as well. - Jessica Rodriquez

Jamal has been a Take Back The Bronx Member since 2019, a writer, political organizer born and raised in the Bronx.

Recent press release from Eyes On You NYC about these issues: